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SímboloNombrePrecioRango de 52 sem.Cap. bursátilVol. prom.EPSP/GRendimientoPrecio/VentasEBITDA
GOOG Google Inc. 536.10 518.46 604.83 361.58mil mlns 3,033,360 19.09 28.09 - 6.03 18.58mil mlns
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JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St 55.22 46.7 61.48 209.13mil mlns 20,164,200 4.04 13.68 2.90 2.23 0
ACN Accenture plc. Class A Ordinary 78.90 69 85.88 49.95mil mlns 3,148,760 4.07 19.40 2.40 1.74 4.42mil mlns
JNPR Juniper Networks, Inc. Common S 25.17 15.62 28.75 12.61mil mlns 8,690,510 0.86 29.27 - 2.69 794.4mlns
GS Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) 157.44 137.29 181.13 73.18mil mlns 3,649,730 15.18 10.37 1.40 2.19 0
WMT Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St 77.66 71.51 81.37 250.78mil mlns 7,190,860 0.04 1,765.00 2.50 0.52 35.74mil mlns
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ISP ING Groep NV 6.20% Perpetual De 24.65 21.91 25.6 94.58mil mlns 35,103 1.37 17.98 - 2.77 0
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{"s" : "goog,jpm,acn,jnpr,gs,wmt,isp","k" : "l84,j10,c63,l84,p43,a00,a50,b00,b60,g00,h00,t53,v53","o" : "","j" : "c63,l84,p43,t53,v53"}

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