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The Sultry And Saucy Green M&M Gets a Total Revamp And Loses Her Iconic Go-Go Boots

·2  min de lectura

Mars Wrigley Inc.

The Green M&M has been known for serving self-confidence and boss lady vibes since she first appeared on the scene wearing her iconic white go-go boots in 1997.

Over the last 25 years, the anthropomorphic character's "I melt for no one" attitude has made her one of the most beloved characters out of the six chocolate covered candies.

On January 20, Mars, Incorporated, the company that owns the M&M's brand, announced their decision to give the "lentils" a makeover in an effort to make them "more inclusive and reflective of "today's society."

For Green, part of her transformation meant ditching her go-go boots for comfortable white sneakers, something that fans are simply not having.

Mars Wrigley Inc.

Echoes of "Give Green her boots back" have taken over the internet, including a petition on Change.org calling to "Keep the Green M&M Sexy," which already has more than 4,000 signatures.

"Our beloved Green M&M, known for her sultry demeanor and for championing rights for bisexual women and lesbians alike, will be stripped of her iconic knee-high boots to be replaced with plain white sneakers," the petition reads. "They can take our guns, they can take our religion, but HANDS OFF MY SEXY GREEN M&M!!!!"

On the M&M's Instagram, fans left comments to the video promoting the candies' new look, expressing outrage over Green's new toned-down ensemble.

"What the hell have you done to Green," one fan said. "Give the green m&m back her Prada boots NOW."

Then another sealed the deal with, "Empowered women can also wear cool boots!"

In addition to the removal of Green's boots, Brown's heels were lowered, and the characters have had their gender pronouns removed.

According to the candy makers, their new marketing move is part of their commitment to "creating a world where everyone feels they belong, and society is inclusive."

Their strategy, which will roll out throughout 2022, involves a fresh take on the looks of the characters, more nuanced personalities and "more fun"—continuing to include the candies' signature jester wit and humor.

But seriously, can Green get their boots back?

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