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AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC)

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16.64-1.33 (-7.40%)
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15.95 -0.69 (-4.15%)
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  • m
    $HOOD conversation
    $AMC is now the #1 trending ticker on Stocktwits with an 89.81% positive sentiment
  • A
    Lots of buying spree going on … $AMC short squeeze will also happen in coming days! Load it guys!
  • I
    Inder Sidhu
    Added 23 more. #AMC ✌️
  • M
    Robinhood Markets, Inc.
    Still not leaving. #AMC
  • E
    It’s not just $AMC folks! It’s happening to the entire market. When the going gets tough, the tough gets hodling! 😊
  • R
    $INO conversation
    Good news! MELLON HEAD also bought $amc and $gme!
  • C
    Robinhood Markets, Inc.
    Almost one year ago today, and I still got to say, I love this stock. $AMC
  • S
    Robinhood Markets, Inc.
    $AMC, we got this. hodl
  • B
    Just checking on my entire portfolio. Everything is down. #AMC was my best performer, even though it was down slightly.
    I’m NOT selling and NOT leaving.
    Will hold my shares, bought a bunch today.
  • B
    I done did it. Placed #AMC buy order for market value on my Fidelity IRA. Even lots of 100+
    Going to “lit” market..
    Hi baby. Go!! ❤️AMC
  • m
    $AMC conversation
    #AMC is about to enter that circle and make a strong rebound. $AMC longs / institutions will not let this opportunity/ support line slip. Institutional average is $37. Not a single one has sold. Blackrock added 9 million shares entering into 2022.
  • T
    $HOOD conversation
    $AMC A lot of options expiring tomorrow!
  • m
    $AMTX conversation

    Aemetis has an historical high of shares shorted equal to 4.5Mln shares —-> around if 15% of short interest compared to float

    Big news are expected to come in following days/weeks:
    - Refinance of debt at low interest rate with federal government;
    - Start of production of biodiesel in India and change given by India government to export biodiesel in California;
    - New dairies for RNG go online;
    - Beat if IVQ estimate given by strong ethanol demand at the end of 2021

    Aemetis is the best way to invest in CO2 reduction in California

    All those factors combined will let Aemetis to increase its share price and DEFINITELY SHORT THE SHORTS
  • M
    $AMC - lets gooooo!
  • E
    Edward (Ted)
    $HOOD conversation
    #AMC strong
  • G
    GI Jane
    $HOOD conversation
    Pass this along,
    SEC Open public meeting Jan 26, 2022
  • N
    $AMC conversation
    I'm baffled this $AMC message board still isn't working.
  • D
    Robinhood Markets, Inc.
    Work bonus going to the $AMC dip. Market always recovers and AMC will boom
  • D
    $HOOD conversation
    $AMC Hey Ken. You lose. You're just postponing the inevitabkle.
  • D
    $HOOD conversation
    When will SEC do their job? It will be on or about when they feel like it.