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    $HOOD conversation
    I have not given up.. despite the ugliness of the past 2 days. Here is why:

    The latest short attack was a coordinated effort by the market makers and the hedge funds to bring the price down, in order to get as much of the massive number of options for 9/17 as they could to expire OTM. In order to do that, they had to pull the usual shenanigans of rerouting buy orders into dark pools, etc... in other words, can kicking activities! By that logic, since nothing special is happening next week, both Monday and Tuesday should be days where those delayed buy orders hit the open market.. hence, they should both be green days.

    $AMC $HOOD
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    $HOOD conversation
    Days like today are evidence in all the DD you’ve seen over the past 9 months. We have them cornered. Trapped.

    $AMC to the moon.
  • R
    $SDC is the new $AMC on WSB.... $7.25 today.
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    $HOOD conversation
    Feeling of #AMC shorties that spent millions and can’t hold it under $45
  • J
    Glad I picked up more shares at the $AMC sale this morning!
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    Steve Cohen
    $CGX.TO conversation
    IMHO, Cineplex had a great day at court. The institution ownership has been going up every single day for the past few days. I am willing to bet more was added today as it was clear what came out from the hearing...$20 HODL. $AMC
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    $HOOD conversation
    The only thing that keeps me up at night is the worry I have not bought enough AMC for when it rips.

    Hedge Funds can manipulate so I can buy more cheaper tomorrow. Bet there nightmares are the cost keeping this up.

    Super bullish #AMC
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    $HOOD conversation
    #AMC It's obvious the HF are covering buying in the early week, then selling from Wednesday through Friday to meet the options pricing. With banks continuing to let HF borrow shares, there is no real stop to this, it will continue the same pattern slowly moving up. The only way to stop this pattern is to stop buying options, sadly there are other institutions and players making millions weekly on options...this won't pop till that happens which probably won't be till the theater business recovers, so keep buying fake shares, but make sure they aren't options!!!! HODL
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    Can we see $55 this week ? $AMC
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    The Rainmaker
    $AMC conversation
    EVERY SINGLE TIME, $AMC starts to rise, YF board goes into delay mode..............
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    $HOOD conversation
    $AMC conversation
    in my opinion, FRIDAY is good time to buy AMC because the Hedge Funds have tons of money to drive down the price to win Options. Next Monday/Tuesday, the price will go up. You buy on Friday and sell on Tuesday / Wednesday to make some money or you can HODL for long. This way, Hedge Funds WILL NEVER be able to cover but losing money. I like to hear other APES opinion.
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    yu_ck f@u L.
    $HOOD conversation
    Nice fudery today. You could trace a line with a ruler on that 2pm sell down. $AMC 2 da moon tho, so HFs can go eff themselves. I'm still dreaming of another green Friday. ROFLMAO
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    Robinhood Markets, Inc.
    Another day closer to boom boom. $AMC
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    $AMC to the moon
  • d
    $HOOD conversation
    I'm finally green....Been holding (2nd time) since June....feels good.... $AMC
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    Shanhawk Advisors
    AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
    buy $AMC. 🚀 next week
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    Much Value
    Just here for $AMC... 💎🦍🚀
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    $HOOD $AMC
    WOW!!! Something may be brewing with a distribution deal of some kind between AMC and GME... THIS could be interesting...
    Meanwhile HOOD has become the Titanic, barely staying afloat with holes in its bow... And taking on water. I knew that Citadel couldn't maintain two fronts in their war against Retail Investors... AMC and HOOD... Trying to raise the price at Robin Hood so they can cash in, collect a lot of money to help pay for the impending AMC Squeeze, leaving retail investors holding the bag...
    Their other front, and one they are losing, is with the 4 million plus Apes at AMC. A HUGE ARMY of investors. They are failing at crashing the AMC share price to $1 like their stooges have claimed in the Media. Citadel could've bought out of this mess at $5/share but got greedy and power hungry. And NOW, just digging the hole deeper for themselves...
    Hark!!... What is that I hear? Is that the sound of shredding machines coming from the Citadel executive offices?!!
    Look, brothers and sisters, know one thing:
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    $HOOD conversation
    Confident we see 60 this week! #AMC
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    $HOOD conversation
    Courtesy of Antonio Martinez

    They have said this about AMC.....

    - It would go bankrupt
    - It would go to $0.01
    - That the squeeze already happened
    - No one is going to the movies
    - It would never see $50 again

    They were wrong. And they say MOASS won't happen

    Super Bullish #AMC