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    $NVDA conversation
    “We are seeing unprecedented demand for the RTX 3080. We have been in production since August and are making them as quickly as possible. Our NV team and partners are shipping more every day to etailers & retailers”

    $nvda $amd $intc

    Customers claim listings disappeared in 15 seconds.
    Customers claim listings disappeared in 15 seconds.
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    $NVDA conversation
    China will NOT block the Nvidia/ARM-deal. The US cannot ban ARM-sales.

    $nvda $intc $amd

    “ ARM shipments to China will continue following sale to NVIDIA, execs say

    ARM Ltd. will continue to license computer chip designs to Chinese customers following its acquisition by U.S.-based NVIDIA Corp., executives from both companies said Sept. 14.

    NVIDIA signed an agreement to acquire Arm from SoftBank Group Corp. and SoftBank Vision Fund LP in a deal worth $40 billion. The transaction includes $21.5 billion in NVIDIA common stock and $12 billion in cash to SoftBank.

    "Arm will remain headquartered in the U.K.," Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA said in a Sept. 14 conference call. "Nothing about the technology jurisdiction will change. Nothing about the export control [process] will change."

    The export controls applied do not depend on a company's ownership, Arm CEO Simon Segars, said in a separate call with media. A product's content, design and how long it took to create determine the regime, he said. "Not much of our products fall under U.S. export control rules," Segars said. "Our analysis won't change because we are owned by a U.S. company."

    The Trump administration recently banned the sale of U.S. technology to certain Chinese companies, including Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., which relies on Arm's designs to develop their own chips. After a pause in dealings with Huawei due to the restrictions, Arm said its technologies are developed in the U.K., and will not be subject to U.S. export controls.

    "China remains an important part of our business and we will continue to closely work with our [joint venture] there to explore the China ecosystem," Segars said Sept. 14.

    Arm's minority stake in Arm Technology (China) Co. Ltd. — a joint venture with local Chinese investors — is included in the transaction.“

    The sale of the chip designer to U.S.-based NVIDIA will not restrict ARM's ability to license products to Chinese customers, Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said.
    The sale of the chip designer to U.S.-based NVIDIA will not restrict ARM's ability to license products to Chinese customers, Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said.
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    $MU conversation
    Good for Micron: #AMD Announces Ryzen "Zen 3" PC CPUs and Radeon "RDNA2" GPUs for October

    "AMD today has announced that they will be making a pair of consumer product presentations in October. The chipmaker, who has been fairly quiet since the spring, will be holding events for both their consumer Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU product segments. Dubbing the events “A New Journey Begins”, the company will be announcing the first products based on their eagerly anticipated Zen 3 CPU architecture and RDNA 2 GPU architecture."

    "Leading the charge will be AMD’s CPU division. On October 8th at noon Eastern, the company will be presenting their Zen 3-based Ryzen desktop processors. AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, will be among the presenters."

    "Following that up just under 3 weeks later will be AMD’s Radeon presentation, which again is at noon Eastern. There the company will be showing off its first products based on the company’s forthcoming RDNA 2 GPU architecture. Meanwhile, tipping their hand a bit early on naming, AMD has confirmed that this will be called the Radeon RX 6000 series."

    "Based on AMD’s roadmaps, Ryzen Zen 3 processors will be built on an improved version of TSMC’s 7nm process, most likely TSMC’s N7P process given AMD’s comments clarifying that they aren’t committing to EUV for 7nm. Otherwise, for the moment AMD is remaining tight-lipped on the Zen 3 architecture itself, though given that AMD isn’t going to get the benefits of a full node shrink, we’re expecting Zen 3 to deliver some interesting and meaningful architectural improvements over Zen 2."

    "Meanwhile on the graphics front, AMD and partners have previously confirmed that RDNA 2 will be a DirectX 12 Ultimate (feature level 12_2) compliant GPU architecture, meaning that AMD will be making significant changes to the graphics side of their GPU designs. The Navi 2x family of GPUs will gain support for ray tracing, variable rate shading, and other features that will put AMD’s new GPUs at parity with the competition, both for consoles and PCs. Meanwhile from a performance standpoint, AMD is aiming for a hefty 50% jump in performance-per-watt, which could potentially eliminate the efficiency gap with NVIDIA. As well, the company has previously promised a high-end "top-of-stack" GPU for 4K gaming, so we're expecting some ambitious performance goals from AMD."

    "Be sure to check in on October 8th and October 28th for more details on AMD’s next generation of consumer parts!"

    AMD Announces Ryzen "Zen 3" and Radeon "RDNA2" Presentations for October: A New Journey Begins
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    $NVDA conversation
    AMD admits to giving up on GPU's. Blah blah blah "resource decisions", yeah right! Once you let your R&D go down you are toast!"Yeah, no I think we definitely see GPUs as a critical driver of growth in the datacenter, you know for us going forward and we?ve thought that way for a while. We?ve just tried to be very thoughtful about, we?re ? you know any company has to make resource decisions and I?d much rather do a great job at a few things than a #$%$ job at one thing too many. But that said, I think we?ve been very thoughtful in preparing for GPUs being a bigger part of our data center portfolio for some time."$nvda $amd $intchttps://seekingalpha.com/article/4374466-advanced-micro-devices-inc-amd-presents-deutsche-bank-2020-virtual-technology-brokers?page=8
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Deutsche Bank 2020 Virtual Technology Conference September 15, 2020 11:10 a.m.
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Deutsche Bank 2020 Virtual Technology Conference September 15, 2020 11:10 a.m.
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    $MNKD conversation

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    $INTC conversation
    Never seen Dave2D as enthusiastic as with his Tiger Lake review unit. $AMD

    Intel Sent Their Secret Weapon
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    $GLD conversation
    ****What will happen to Inflation someone asked ?****
    **Hyper Inflation** will occur as too much Money chases too few goods. It has NOT Happened for the past 12 years since the financial crisis because the FED had directed all the money into the stock and bond and indirectly real estate markets inflating those assets primarily for the top 5% wage earners causing massive income inequality while the lower class inflated their DEBT. Now the Fed and treasury is directing money to the middle and lower classes due to the pandemic to make sure that spending does not collapse. They are NOT doing so to HELP the Lower or Middle Class ! This is ONLY being done so that the Lower and middle class can continue to PAY the BANKS (which the FED LOVES) for LOANS, MORTGAGES, and CREDIT CARD debt as well as protecting the Super Inflated Stock markets by providing money for iPhones, Nike Sneakers Mcdonalds etc ! The economic principles are clear that EVERYONE can't be RICH but the fed and treasury has been printing money and expanding Credit and Debt for many years and now this money is QUICKY coming down to the common man and this is going to cause the prices of everything to SKYROCKET very soon. The fed knows this is going to cause massive inflation and would normally force them to raise interest rates and to tighten credit (which would crash markets), This is why LAST WEEK the FED even says it will allow INFLATION to run much higher for many years !) This is being done so that the massive debtor companies, individuals and governments can make their minimum payments without high interest costs which would normally bankrupt them.
    Make no mistake, inflation is already here in food and soon will be seen in products you buy made in China and US etc... This is because the flood of new money, Trillions of it in the hands of the common man who will spend it DILUTES the dollars and makes them worth less... It's coming thats why Gold is rising steadily now. GOLD does not "make" money per se over time but it MAINTAINS Wealth as currencies DEPRECIATE. Gold is now at RECORD LEVELS in EVERY CURRENCY Including the US DOLLAR earlier this month and will continue to make new records here too... I bet 99% of the people who read this do not own ANY gold outside of Jewelry and rightly so until now because the stock market was rising faster than gold for 12 year. But that is almost of not already over now imo..
    Even with all this printing, corporate revenues and earnings are going to decline big (for most companies) after stimulus is cut off and make the stock market ridiculously expensive.
    Regarding gold, the people in VENEZUELA, ARGENTINA, GREECE, ZIMBABWE etc all of these preserved their wealth with gold as their countries mismanaged and debased their currencies (as the FED and Treasury is doing in the US dollar today) and this is why GOLD Is going to MAINTAIN your wealth and those that stay in dollars will lose over time. And as I said, the fact no one is in Gold hardly at all is how bull markets are made, I posted a comment on the Berkshire board about Gold and got 90% thumbs down proving my point that few are invested in Gold and it will surely rise much more than many believe because it's FINITE in quantity and when everyone wants in to protect their wealth, it will rise even more.. Gold is the ONLY REAL MONEY produced by the sweat of men and has NO COUNTER PARTY RISK because its VALUE IS SELF CONTAINED. THE FED has tried to STOP COUNTER PARTY RISK by BUYING the other side of the trade on stocks, bonds etc but soon they will not politically be able to do so (and they can't buy everything without bankrupting the country.) Its funny how most people think the US is CAPITALISM as the FED BUYS ALL failed debt and props markets and as people see what is going on, they will force this WEALTH TRANSFER from the PEOPLE WHO WORK and MAKE THINGS to the RICH (who do nothing but watch their financial assets inflate) to STOP and that is when the markets will CRASH and GOLD WILL EXPLODE. Buy Gold EAGLES or in trading accounts PHYS who has audited gold, stored at the ROYAL CANADIAN MINT in CANADA and will deliver it to you if you have enough shares. Or for additional Leverage, Gold and Silver miners (GDX Gold Miners Large ETF) or (GDXJ Gold Miners Junior ETF).
    DO NOT BUY BANK OWNED GLD WHO is NOT AUDITED and Servers to TEMPER demand for GOLD by taking in money and possibly not buying the physical GOLD IMO and will eventually cause losses for Investors imo...
    GLTA !!!!
    We are going to need it soon as the FED totally destroys this country to enrich and protect Wall st banks and the wealthy using Taxpayer dollars ! I will make another post soon to further explain my point about Gold vs Cash. read this, understand it and learn from it to protect your wealth from the Fed and treasury actions !

    "Gold turns higher for the week as investors parse Fed’s historic policy shift"

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    $ORCL conversation
    Yahoo is allowing massive amounts of spam

    $tsla $nkla $nvda $amd $aapl $msft
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    Jerry Lapp
    $KODK conversation

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    $AMD conversation
    $AMD C7 Mobile Ryzen is 45% faster than Qualcomm Adreno GPU!!!!!!!
    AMD’s new Ryzen-series processors for laptops have received a good response. Following this, the company now seems to be getting ready to launch a smartphone chipset under the same lineup. As per the reports, the company is working on Ryzen C7 chipse
    AMD’s new Ryzen-series processors for laptops have received a good response. Following this, the company now seems to be getting ready to launch a smartphone chipset under the same lineup. As per the reports, the company is working on Ryzen C7 chipse
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    $MSFT conversation
    Im losing a small fortune this week lol. But Im holding strong. $Aapl $GOOGL $MSFT $AMD all long term plays. Sure it hurt now but in 10 years your going to be kicking yourself because you didnt buy at these prices.
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    $AMD conversation
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    $INTC conversation
    Till yesterday Intel was value stock. Today suddenly it's tech stock. Since bubble bursting I think we will go $400B market cap as GPU performance become better known to street and start appreciating.

    Also $AMD and $NVDA as hype die they will focus on quality and Intel is best out there.
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    $AMD conversation
    AMD? Lisa Su? Can we (yes, I am a shareholder in AMD) please stop squandering our money on discrete GPU's? The new Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-line is a game changer. We will lose whatever little market share points we have left. Nvidia already took 10% extra this quarter giving them 80%. I expect them to get 99%+ very quickly. No-one sane would buy anything AMD-based for PC-gaming. Let us face it. Let us focus on CPU's and APU's. There we could shine. We need to get those ASP's up so we finally deliver some decent earnings. So can we please close down the discrete GPU shop? We can spend the money, the talent, the resources much better.

    $amd $nvda

    (Long AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Skyworks, Marvell, Qorvo - and then some)
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    I’m LONG $AMD via Call Options
    Yes I do trade $AMD - sometimes puts and etc...

    BUT, that’s like saying “Never 2 down days in a row”

    Amd you’re I corect about $AMD, b/c , its had multiple occasions with 2 consecutive UP days...

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    The US Stock BUBBLE 2020
    $C conversation
    INFAMOUS END OF THE DAY STOCK PRICE PUMPING by the US Government AGAIN! "MAGICALLY" All daily index losses are being turned into gains....
    BANKRUPT Citigroup Inc. Signals Upcoming FINANCIAL CRISIS!
    Again it is the Last Trading hour and the "Superman" comes from nowhere to PUMP the US Stock Prices, DESPITE SO MUCH TERRIBLE NEWS!
    It is not secret to anyone that the US Stock Market is a FRAUDULENT system. The US Government PRINTS Money and buy the Stocks via the infinite margin trading desks to PUMP the Prices. However, this FRAUDULENT system, which is designed to make insiders “QUICK RICH”, is NOT Sustainable.
    US Stock Valuations are IMPOSSIBLE to justify! US Stocks are EXTREMELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! The Market is in the Tulip Mania BUBBLE!
    The Government is PUMPING Various stocks in various industries every single day, FOR NO REASON. At some days, the “Lucky” stocks and sectors are financials, the other days “online services”.
    DESPITE COLLAPSING Economy, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, growing Corporate LOSS, Skyrocketing inflation, Skyrocketing unemployment, Astronomical Corporate and National Debt, ABSURD Valuations, Worsening Trade War and Spreading Coronavirus Pandemic, the US Government is PUMPING the US Stock Prices, the MEGA BUBBLE Every single day!
    Barclays downgraded the megacap technology sector to market weight given their stretched valuations.
    Barclays downgraded the megacap technology sector to market weight given their stretched valuations.
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    $MNKD conversation

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    $INTC conversation
    says streaming on-line games is 146% speed-up over $AMD ...

    Premium portable PCs using Intel's 11th generation Core chips will sport the Evo brand signifying performance and battery life.
    Premium portable PCs using Intel's 11th generation Core chips will sport the Evo brand signifying performance and battery life.
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    $AMD AMD Target Raised at Piper on New Products and Strong Execution, PT raised to $100 from $82

    “significant upside to the business model.”

     “very comfortable with AMD’s execution, particularly with the hardships at its major competitor”
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    $INTC conversation
    Intel revenue for the quarter came in at $19.7 Billion compared to
    's $1.93 Billion.