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AutoZone, Inc. (AZO)

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  • T
    Tom Collie
    $1.4B in repurchases at $620. What a beautiful follow up with another 400,000 shares at $654 so far in Q3.

    The reason I find $ORLY and $AZO so attractive, is because they are willing to run hard leverage and juice ROE, which is currently infinite. ROIC and ROA can be used since there is no ROE. But think of it as infinite ROE instead of “non-existent” ROE. There is no equity by choice - because it’s what makes sense.

    There are very few stocks with a strong enough capital structure and FCF generation to sustain negative book-value.

    I’ve often said “book-value is irrelevant.” It is irrelevant. We don’t value firms based on their book-value, which is simply assets - liabilities, which is the same as equity, which is the same as liquidation value. It’s the present value of the future cash-flows that matters.

    Every dollar used to repurchase stock is cash leaving the balance sheet, decreasing assets and equity. The “lower book-value” is counteracted on the income statement, where EPS grows faster than net income. You would use discounted to EPS to calculate intrinsic value, not book value!

    $ORLY is worth at least $1,000.
  • T
    Tom Collie
    I am extremely fond of this stock.

    For example, it has produced higher ROIC than $ORLY $AAPL $MSFT $GOOG $AMZN $NVR for the last 5 consecutive years.

    This firm is worth a minimum of $3,500. EPS growth is completely non-linear at this point. The earnings power of $AZO is spectacular given its robust FCF and desire to consolidate ownership.

    The leverage at play is extraordinary. I am pleased with $AZO’s willingness to go hard on the buyback when the price is right.
  • S
    Strainmaker Capital Holdings
    $PRTS conversation
    The next $AZO, or $AZO a few thousand percent back. My gut says acquisition. Maybe $AZO? Long options and my target is $65.
  • C
    $REGN conversation
    In the past 3 days (since 3/14/2022) THE TOP 10 eps STOCKS OF 2021 are all up considerably:
    $BRK-B +3.4%, $NVR +4.9%, $BIO +3.8%, $GOOG +4.2%, $GOOGL +4.8%, $AZO +1.7%, $REGN +4.1%, $GS +3.4%, $COO +8.6%, $AMZN +7.7%. $AR
  • C
    $BRK-B conversation
    Since 1/1/2022 the top 10 EPS (earnings per share) S&P 500 stocks of 2021:
    $BRK-B +10%, $NVR -22%, $BIO -28%, $GOOG -12%, $GOOGL -13%, $AZO -10%, $REGN +4%, $GS -15%, $COO -9%, $AMZN -15%. ................$AR better than all of them! But I love my BRK more
    over the long haul, for sure!
  • A
    $AZO conversation
    How is AZO positioned for the future od electric vehicles? It's inventory will not be worth much considering the industry's push into electric vehicles. Forward looking growth projections need to be trimmed and a huge scale back in opening stores in the US. It needs to start revamping, drop the Lampert model or die like Sears. Except it'll die faster with a fire sale on anything worth anything.
  • R
    $DY conversation
    Earnings-Reaction to Watch on Tuesday $AAP , $AZO , $DY , $EV , $KSS , $PLAB , $TJX , $HPE , $INTU , $OOMA , $RRGB http://crweworld.com/Earnings-Calendar
  • C
    $ETH-USD conversation
  • J
    John Michael
    Auto downturn begins lets hope a bottom will be in place soon. 300-450 range
  • o
    $GILD conversation
    I guess car parts are more valuable than life saving drugs.
    Advance Auto Parts #AAP $124.85 up $5.24 +4.38%
    AutoZone #AZO $1057.90 up $45.74 +4.52%
    O'Reilly Automotive #ORLY $402.51 up $16.06 +4.16%
  • L
    $AZO conversation
    Rock Auto + Amazon = Never having to step into an auto store. The AZO story is drawing to a close.
  • R
    $AZO conversation
    Would short be recommended?
  • P
    $AZO is another screamin’ buy.
  • M
    $AZO conversation
    longs before cc ( . ) and after ( o )
  • Z
    $AZO conversation
    Ultimete Stock Ale@rtsq saved my butt. Now instead of being $1500 in the hole I’m up BIG. Google or yahoo will lead you to them
  • M
    Maykel Morffi
    BDCI this stock is going to go off like a rocket anytime soon you can make a lot of money buy now
  • R
    $AZO conversation
    This turd can't even hold a small 9 point gain on the opening. This is very sad. Looks like a trading short rather than any recover as Goldman says.
  • B
    Boom Agency
    $AZO conversation
    Amazon to get into the Auto Parts Business... Crazy... AMZN to get into cars and truck auto parts.... They are going to destroy AZO as they are currently signing deals with all the car parts manufacturers .. 30% less on cost.. Margins still good.. AZO and Orielly Auto
    will get killed by 50%.. Sell .. Dumping tomorrow.. i guess I am now buying amzn.. thx AZO nice run.. but time to cut the beef..
  • R
    $AZO conversation
    This Morning- - Wedbush issued the downgrade to neutral from outperform based on slowing same-store sales in the do-it-yourself auto sector.
  • R
    $AZO conversation
    Enough with the buy backs how about a special dividend or a stock split to get more interest from HF, MM MF or the little guy. Buy backs wont make the stock move up if earnings or sub par. their last CC was nothing special. Anybody have any thoughts or comments.