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    Is Carvana Enron
    $CVNA conversation
    Imagine telling a friend that invested in your business a decade ago that it’s been losing money from operations for nearly a decade, increases in sales have equaled increases in losses, the reason the company has been able to survive despite huge losses is because of unprecedented money printing from Fed since 2008, and that money printing is about to come to an end. Ha! $cvna $bmbl
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    Is Carvana Enron
    $CVNA conversation
    It‘s hilarious that companies like $CVNA and $BMBL boast about revenue growth on their quarterly reports but never address the fact that more sales equals greater losses...it’s like they‘re for-loss companies. The Fed enabled them to plod along like zombies for years...but the zombie age is coming to an end.
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    Is Carvana Enron
    $CVNA conversation
    Inflation peaked? The Fed is full of it. Record producer prices are going to be passed onto consumers. Disposable income for unprofitable scam companies gone. The coming recession is the final nail in the coffin. $SPY $CVNA $BMBL
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    $MOMO conversation
    Current PE = 4.06 (ex Cash), Thank you @Martin

    I did some work on that and found out that the number of shares outstanding in Yahoo is well correct (2 shares per ADS).

    "As of September 30, 2020, the number of ordinary shares outstanding was 415,801,407." in last Q3 report
    => market cap = 208 * 17.14 =3.56bn
    Shareholder equity = 2.1 bn
    "As of September 30, 2020, Momo's cash, cash equivalents, short-term deposits and long-term deposits totaled RMB15,764.1 million (US$2,321.8 million), compared to RMB15,225.3 million as of December 31, 2019. Net cash provided by operating activities in the third quarter of 2020 was RMB691.1 million (US$101.8 million), compared to RMB1,175.9 million in the third quarter of 2019." from Q3 earnings
    => 3.56 - 2.1 = 1.46 bn / 360m earnings (12 months to September)= 4.06 PE

    -Of course there is a $300m share buyback announced in September 2020
    -The undervaluation is even bigger should Tantan confirm its growth and as $BMBL and $MTCH get much higher valorization
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    $MOMO conversation
    How to return value to shareholders... The next steps available for MOMO management:
    1/ Complete current $300m share buyback announced in September 2020
    2/ Announce the next share buyback $1bn?(2.1 bn shareholder equity / As of September 30, 2020, Momo's cash, cash equivalents, short-term deposits and long-term deposits totaled RMB15,764.1 million (US$2,321.8 million))
    3/ IPO of Tantan in Hong Kong in 2022, sell 5% of shares? whenever ready (I would suggest when 1bn yearly revenue reached, so should be no later than 2022 if current growth stays there)
    => check IPO of Kuaishou 1024.hk : "Kuaishou’s shares opened in Hong Kong on Friday at HK$338 ($43.6) apiece, a 194% jump from its IPO price of HK$115 ($14.8). That catapults its market cap to nearly HK$1.4 trillion ($180 billion). " (under $4 bn revenue in 2020)
    => $BMBL market cap of $7bn (revenue very close to Tantan, 165m in Q4 )
    => $MTCH market cap of $41 bn ($2.4 bn revenue expected for2021)

    => so, all those are trading at ratios of 10 to 40 times the revenues...
    =>I let you imagine what valorisation Tantan IPO would get... it looks like at least $10bn if you do the math

    As many know, Tantan business is not dependent of Chinese politics... on the contrary, it looks like China needs more babies...
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    Bumble Inc.
    $BMBL Sea of bulls!
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    $bmbl , a dating app is trading at over $70 and now palantir is tanking . Lol
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    $BMBL conversation
    $BMBL growing revenue at 50%...compared to $MTCH at 21%. Match's brands just cannibalize each other, and they bog down their expenses on so many different apps. Bumble, on the other hand, places all of their energy into one, limiting their costs and avoids competing it's brands against one another.

    $BMBL is the future of dating. Women love it...it's as safe as they can get in a dating app.
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    $MOMO conversation
    If I was $MTCH or $BMBL management, I would buy 20% of $MOMO company ($600m now) ... as a hedge in case they miss the biggest world market... and... as long term cash management... with the 4% dividend... and all the upside if growth is back as suspected... this is a no brainer... While Momo has nearly has much cash on its account as its own market cap...

    Daimler had 10% of $TSLA not so long ago... was a clever move to keep it... but nice to take it in the past... it is just a hedge...
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    $HGEN conversation
    The only reason I invested is because I believe the drug works and I believe that HGEN has taken the right steps to get past the Regulatory Gatekeepers and to the sick that need it. That hasn't changed, except to say that the REG G's have taken a lot longer than I expected.

    When the stock goes down so much with so little volume, I take it as a comfort. I might be sick, but I was just in the same boat with
    $BMBL, $EBAY, and $LOW as well. If the stock was shooting sky high without the EUA, that's the time to be on guard.. $SESN is the ultimate example of that for generations of investors for all time.

    But when the SP is trickling down on low volume with virtually every analyst saying buy- I'll wait it out. I can but then again, I don't tend to invest in these out of the money options, WHICH by the way, is what I believe is the catalyst of today's SP, and probably tomorrow. If you're sitting on a Call with a Strike Price of 15, I think you're on the menu. Sorry about that...
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    $BMBL conversation
    Happy to officially have a position in $BMBL. 50% revenue growth and the ways of dating moving forward!
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    $MOMO conversation

    2020 revenue $2.2 bn
    2017 revenue $1.3 bn

    so, who says no growth?
    compare vs market capitalisation
    compare vs $BMBL and $MTCH

    Here is the history of Shareholder equity, which is nearly all in cash:
    2021-03-31 2588
    2020-12-31 2273
    2020-09-30 2106
    2020-06-30 1971
    2020-03-31 1879
    2019-12-31 1971
    2019-09-30 1755
    2019-06-30 1664
    2019-03-31 1564
    2018-12-31 1603
    2018-09-30 1485
    2018-06-30 1417
    2018-03-31 1207
    2017-12-31 1038
    2017-09-30 910
    2017-06-30 808
    2017-03-31 727
    2016-12-31 634
    2016-09-30 551
    2016-06-30 502
    2016-03-31 482
    2015-12-31 468
    2015-09-30 458
    2015-06-30 456
    2015-03-31 450
    2014-12-31 440

    Yes the management has built a crazy cash machine
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    $MOMO conversation
    $BMBL earnings out: Q4 revenue rose 31% to $165.6 million as TANTAN revenue grew by 46% in Q3 to $107.4m (owned by $MOMO)... if Tantan has a growth of 46% in Q4 (to take the same number as Q3 as example) revenue of Tantan will be $156.8m... just shy of bmbl
    Market cap of $BMBL 8bn (at open on 11th March), Market cap of $MOMO 3.3bn (momo as other businesses and has cash on its balance sheet)... Guess which stock is cheaper?
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    Bumble Inc.
    Swipe left if you're shorting $BMBL
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    $BMBL conversation
    Have tried several times to post Jim Cramers support for $BMBL on Lightning Round, just Google it on CNBC for yourself. (Yahoo keeps eliminating the link)
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    Ok going to watch $BMBL IPO. Let’s get this past 5 while I’m gone?
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    Kevin M
    $MOMO conversation
    Watching $mtch earnings today - let's see if that moves the needle
    Waiting for $bmbl IPO - let's see if that moves the needle
    Anticipating q4 earnings next month - let's see if that moves the needle
    Dividend month after - let's see if that moves the needle
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    $MOMO conversation
    $BMBL earnings tonight... 6 bn market cap 40m users ... nothing to add
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    Is Carvana Enron
    $CVNA conversation
    14 years of printing from the Fed made Wall Street forget that profits matter. If these loser companies can’t make money in a good economy, what makes you think they can during a recession? Profits matter in the end! $CVNA $BMBL
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    Bumble Inc.
    $BMBL SEC Form 4: Griffin Amy bought $998,624 worth of shares (35,200 units at $28.37) https://quantisnow.com/insight/2598534