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    The US Stock & Oil Price BUBBLE
    $^FTSE conversation
    For how long will the US Government continue to PUMP the US Stock Prices artificially? Everyone knows that the US Market is in the MEGA BUBBLE; it is even more overvalued than Tulip Mania Bubble! The US Stocks are INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! The Valuations are impossible to justify!
    For how long can the US Government run this fraudulent Stock BUBBLE, while Corporate revenues are tanking, Corporate and National Debt is Astronomical, the Valuations are beyond insanity, Political polarization is at max, there are ongoing and upcoming wars, the real resources are limited, Economy is Collapsing, Competition is intense, the Stock Dilutions are at record highs, everything is getting worse, China, Russia, and many other countries are set to ditch the US Dollar as an international reserve currency.
    Now there are 100,000s of companies worldwide competing for $1 revenue! The US Companies that barely generate revenue of $1-2 million are trading at $50-60 Billion Market values, while in Asia, the same companies with better fundamentals, 100 times more revenues, are trading at 99% less market value! The US Company valuations DO NOT MAKE Sense at all! Why would one invest in US Stock Tulip Mania while he/she can buy the 1000 times better company share for a 99% cheaper price?
    The US Stock Market is a MAJOR PONZI SCHEME designed to patch fraudulent pension systems in the US temporarily! There is NO PROPER Revenue Collection by the IRS since 2016. Taxes are extremely Low, and Nobody is paying custom duties! People want more free money without working, more free checks, more capital gains, more stock hypes every day! This fraudulent "no need to work" policy of the US Government will END TERRIBLY very soon! Inflation is skyrocketing, but the Government is lying about inflation!

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    $CAT conversation
    $CAT $DE

    Commodities sold off sharply shouldn't that help commodity users like CAT, DE to help reduce their input cost?
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    Original Soothsayer
    $^DJI conversation
    $CAT down 10% in the last 6 days! Recovery trade is collapsing.
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    $VMC conversation
    Bring back what I learned in ECON class....after a downturn typically infrastructure spending increases. I wouldn't expect anything different this year. Add $VMC $MLM $CAT $DE to my watchlist. They will benefit if this becomes reality.
  • B
    $CAT conversation
    Interest rates are low on building/construction and financing equipment. Governments in emerging markets tend to spend their way out of recessions. Hopefully $CAT will benefit from the spending. I'm starting a 10% position here and plan to add strategically for a long term ride! I don't think that anyone can predict a bottom in this fear controlled market. Looking forward to a long-term position with $CAT.
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    $CAT conversation
    My bad luck continue this year. It already wipe out 50% of my entire last year profit.
    XIV I lost $20K totally unexpected. And $SNAP and $TWTR I loss opportunity to make money (Combine I would make $35K if hold onto. I left with 50 stock each right now.) Only account doing great is my IRA accounts. There I am still up $20K for this year. 401K just gone back to breakeven.

    My $CAT long is now $12K loss from my 800 long ( After $30K short loss) Bad part on Long is I am not cautious as much as being Short as I can't loss everything and so not controlling losses.

    If I exit, at least other will make money because then only $CAT will go up :(. Not going to short again so May not go up very fast.

    My only hope now is $UAA and $FIT and I will holding them. $UAA specially should recover quickly if they show some growth return. I have 5K share there ( and short cover $15 calls for premium) $FIT I have 10K shares and I am hopeful that they will have good earning with Iconic watch and also I see long term growth with FITBIT brand.

    Hope those goes up after earning like $SNAP and $TWTR.

    If not I will write down all losses and exit completely on all stock (Sure will use calls and put to cover some losses slowly but very cautious way) . Might enter aftermarket calm and go aggressive long to make up all losses.
  • K
    $CAT “BMO Capital analyst Joel Tiss reiterated a Buy rating on Caterpillar (CAT) on February 1 and set a price target of $160.”
  • R
    Rob W
    $SWN conversation
    Case and point today. You could beat your chest with SWN up 2.4%, but if you sold everything and bought $BA or $AMZN or $CAT yesterday you'd be much better off (up > 4%). Too much other red meat out there.
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    $CAT conversation
    Target Raised by Deutsche Bank Buy USD 214 » USD 233
    Maintains Credit Suisse Outperform USD 228 » USD 235
    Maintains Morgan Stanley Underweight USD 154 » USD 158
    Maintains BMO Capital Markets Market Perform USD 135 » USD 190
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    Big surprise of not as bad as feared coming Friday ? Mining and commodities like lumber have been flying like software. Low intrest rates, a virus that will magically go away after the election.. Bullish $CAT 🚜🇺🇸📈
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    $NFLX conversation
    I have given enough thought on what to do. Here is how my holding look
    2200 short Average price just below $260
    I just short 2 285 calls
    I had 15 265 cover put for (that I just cover. $260 average price including that profit).

    Now I have open 2200 short. I know just today I lost $20K, Total is $50K+ loss.

    I thought to give various option including start selling put aggressively But $CAT I end up long side while doing that which Company like CAT is fine. But not with NFLX where if Crash come, this can go to $100's easily.

    So I only left with 2 options.

    1.> Sell in money cover put but if sell off start this can easily below 260 and I regret it.
    2.> Sell out money Cover put which I will do it again if this go near 270.
    3.> Trade Stock, Given large number stock, this I think I can do with little risk. Read market sentiment and trade accordingly.
    4.> Forget and keep all open. (Which mean I wait for payday). Only problem is if this keep going up very soon I will get margin call.
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    $CAT conversation
    $CAT 237.78 breaks and hold, room to 240, 250 in a month

    video explanation here https://youtu.be/XoN-KBvy1t8
    US infrastructure plan and tax raise upcoming! Stocks to look at $CAT $URI $RAIL $CSX $GE $DE****************************13 yrs in #stock #trading #option...
    US infrastructure plan and tax raise upcoming! Stocks to look at $CAT $URI $RAIL $CSX $GE $DE****************************13 yrs in #stock​ #trading​ #option​...
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    $TSLA conversation
    Investment Boarder




    $TSLA a company that has never been profitable, has less than 0.004 global market share, can’t pay its rent and has laid off or fired most of its employees now has a greater market cap than Catepillar $CAT and Boeing $BA COMBINED
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    $AMZN conversation
    Here is three very negative news that impacting dow to drop 700+ point and one of most impacted stock for each is Amazon and yet it's stock drop only 2.34% after recovering quickly.
    1.> Tariffs:- China tariffs going to hurt Amazon most. Trade war will hurt Amazon as well because Amazon has lot of global seller and lot of Amazon brand created by putting their label on top of Chinese manufactured stuff. So This should drop as much as $CAT drop.
    2.> Internet Regulation:- This again impact most to Amazon. Amazon is E-commerce giant and regulation means it will not able to do lot of thing it currently doing.
    3.> Internet Privacy:- This is third item:- When people think about Privacy most matter is their blogging/personal post (FB), Their Shopping ($AMZN) , Listening their home conversation ($AMZN/$GOOGL), Ability to let anyone one ($AMZN recent doorbell idea to let package deliver inside),Their TV Watching Pattern ($AMZN, $NFLX, $GOOGL).

    So each item has major negative impact for $AMZN and yet Amazon is least impact stock even after so much run up.

    This is call way over optimism. This stock should below 1500, may be even near 1400. Only thing going great is technical but it going to break down at 1525. So I guess after that only it will drop like rock. After all entire rally build on top of technical.
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    $CAT conversation
    Buy $CAT. Infrastructure plan discussion going to heat up and this is area and it will raise immediate spending for sure. All Local & State govt will go after getting pie of $200B and that only mean one thing lot of spending.

    Market normally think short term and this plan will work short term perspective given how Fed will use Grant program.

    In other word if you don't spend you don't get grant.

    I also see this become reality very very soon and $CAT is most to benefit. Long term I am still specticle if it will work because this also mean more debt taken by Local & State Govt and possible increase in default can result funding harder though debt.
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    Caterpillar Inc.
    Can someone explain to me how 20+ million shares of people trading think this is a good buy at $93? Who buys an industrial company that was raided by Federal Investigators at 30X earnings?
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    $CAT conversation
    earth to $CAT, move production to North America!
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    $NFLX conversation
    Call and Put trading lately weird. I do lot of trading. I have this exprience since last few weeks specially with $CAT and $NFLX.

    Here is what I learn.
    When I try to sell put and if it don't sell even it's near bid, I think that mean stock likely going up.
    If try to sell put and able to sell near ask, stock likley going down

    Same with Calls.

    In other word, They are lately controling entire market.

    If you want to find biggest AI Usage, you will find in Stock market. Those AI software know exactly where market going because they are making market.

    Dangerous world. Small Computer mistake can cause unreasonable losses and when it work, it design to do unthinkable.
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    $SNAP conversation
    U.S. Stock market must be manipulated. $SNAP Down after beating on top and bottom lines. $CAT and $BA both up pre-market after huge misses.
  • M
    Don’t be complacent !!! Look at the futures and at the broader market and stay one step ahead of the money managers. #CAT also beat and raised revenue. It went up and then %2 down. If you are investor don’t worry