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  • E
    $FAMI Is a farming company which China support strongly not like education and tech.
    MC $47m
    Cash around $100m
    Assets 5 times more than liabilities
    Revenue in 2020 - $30m
    Net profit in 2020 - $800k
    Revenue 6 months 2021 - $17m
    Net profit 6 months 2021- $1.4m
    They are showing growth of 30% YOY
    With $100m in cash and being profitable they are about to do some big moves IMO.
    Do your own DD! Check their PR they keep signing new deals left and right. Offering closed and now this should start climbing nicely IMO.
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    The Truth
    $BABA conversation
    Here are some interesting facts we've found about the Chinese regulatory environment related to big tech from Angela Zhang, who is a Chinese Law professor at the University of Hong Kong.

    1/Regulations were following a global trend to regulate Big Tech

    2/Policy swings between lax and harsh enforcement is not unique to Big Tech or this administration

    3/There are pros and cons vs. the governing style of the West. They can act faster, but the structure sometimes creates situations where quick action is necessary.

    4/The government derives its authority from 1. Economic growth 2. Nationalism 3. Social stability

    5/Chinese firms are very active to avoid damage and to shape policy which, like in the US, can actually entrench them further.

    6/China sees the platform economy as its ticket to re-balancing their economy and to future economic growth.

    7/They can't wait to regulate as there are too many dire consequences that would affect long-term economic growth, social stability, and therefore the legitimacy of the government.

    8/Business leaders in China are often rewarded for taking action before getting approval from the government. In China, regulation tends to come after innovation, which is different from the US or Europe.

    9/The recent regulation was destabilizing to the economy and it's possible that the government didn't foresee the impact it would have on the markets. If regulation is not executed correctly, it will affect the their key priorities (mentioned in #4).
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    $BABA conversation
    The meeting requested that leading platform companies like BABA Tencent Dada Meituan DIDI "take the lead and do demonstrations" and actively fulfill their employment responsibilities

    It is necessary to improve the system and mechanism to protect the rights and interests of workers, fully listen to workers' opinions and suggestions, unblock the channels for workers' appeals, optimize platform algorithm rules, and improve the income distribution system, working hours, and labor safety and health system. Establish and improve the labor complaint mechanism to ensure that employees' complaints are responded to in a timely manner and handled objectively and fairly.

  • R
    Why is $DIDI gaining today? Is there a specific reason? Let me know!
  • B
    DiDi Global Inc.
    At $14.20, DIDI sells for 3x 2021 EV/Rev vs 6x 2021 EV/Rev for Uber/Lyft. $DIDI mkt cap of $72B less than Uber+Lyft market cap $115B, yet DIDI has 50% more 2021 Revs ($28B vs $19B).

    DIDI did turn profitable in Q1 2021 reporting net income of 5.49 billion rembini ($837 million) on revenue of RMB 42.16 billion ($6.44 billion), up from a loss of RMB 3.97 billion on sales of RMB 20.47 billion the year before.
  • A
    $BABA conversation
    $BABA will exploded this month to $200.

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    METX 130m shares outstanding. Only 45m float. Volume is massive. The smallest positive news and we might see the sky very quickly!! $DIDI $XPEV $NIO $PDD $JD
  • P
    Pat Moore
    $F conversation
    You all remember CRamer said to BUY Ford and GM???? and buy DIDI hands over fist??? $didi $gm $nkla $ride $lcid
    Look at $tsla and NIO winners
    Scam : NKLA and RIDE and LUCID. 3 companies will be NO MORE
  • C
    $DIDI came into an agreement with regulators. A matter of time before its app is back on AppStore.
  • C
    $DIDI is said to weigh giving up data control of its most valuable data as part of efforts to resolve a regulatory probe into the aftermath of its controversial U.S. initial public offering. Regulators said to prefer state-backed firm handle $DIDI’s data.
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    $DOYU conversation
    FOMO and TINA around the corner for the chinese tech space. Mark my words...


    $kweb UP
  • F
    $EDU conversation
    $EDU rising 9%+ in HK, and thanks to China's SEC hosting emergency meeting to calm investors, HangSeng rose 2.7% and Chinese indices all rose 1-2% so far. Tomorrow likely another good day for Chinese stocks including $EDU, $TAL, $BABA, $BIDU, $PDD, $DIDI, $LKNCY, $DAO and many more.
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    JD.com, Inc.
    wow, the CCP has rattled the china ADR stocks costing US investors probably half a trillion $ for the Q2. If if the CCP committees short the stocks, they must become billionaires. $bidu $baba $pdd $didi $tal. That is the problem when power is in few hands. GL
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    An Person
    $DIDI conversation
    $DIDI will carry us all

    $TCEHY to 80+
    $BABA to 240+
    $BIDU to 210+

    $IQ to 18+
    $TME to 18+
    $HUYA to 18+
    $DOYU to 7+
    $BILI to 120+
    $JD to 80+

    $KWEB $PDD $YY gunna fly too.
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    Bad MF
    $GOTU conversation
  • N
    $EDU conversation
    Remember $LKNCY so $TAL and $EDU and $GOTU as well $SNTG and $DIDI will have a better value over the counter a Great buying Opportunity for Chinese would have no choice but to do after hours teaching to improve the quality as they are very competitive the biggest mistake I made I sold LK coffee now it has gone 7400% percent higher from it is low
  • G
    $^IXIC conversation
    If WSJ PR about $DIDI is fake and based on "nothing" and the US Government, SEC, FBI do not jail them, then the US Stock Market is a MAJOR SCAM, a Fraudulent system!
  • M
    $BIDU conversation
    If you think about it, this has to be capitulation. Trading close to book based on nothing but China fears.... Once DIDI fine comes, all China stock will reverse hard (reverse sell the news).

    $baba $jd $didi
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    SKLZ is the next MEME Stock!
    $^IXIC conversation
    Where are the investment banks those assigned $75 Billion Market value at IPO for $DIDI ??? Why they still make money!
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    $BABA conversation
    An analysis of the $baba business model and political pressure facing Chinese Internet companies


    $didi $gotu $baidu $PLX $edu $VIPS $PDD $JD
    Alibaba 10 Minute Full Analysis -- Best Deal On the Market? -- Jack Ma -- Government Crackdown