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  • k
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $FB $GOOG $WIMI ❤️💎WIMI Hologram Cloud Stands Out with Its Own Lidar Products When the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Breaks Out.💪🌈🦄WIMI Hologram Cloud’s AR and AI Vision Turns Virtual into Reality, While Facebook and Google Increase Investment in Metaverse🌈
  • B
    $ROKU conversation
    Buy $INTU or $PANW or $FB or $ MSFT in the IT space. All streamers are in for more pain. $NFLX is the best of bread and has lost you money over the last 18 months.

    ROKU is going to at least $145.
  • S
    $HLGN conversation
    $HLGN IPO day was Dec 31 @ $10 and it rose 60% to over $16. They raised $188 million in IPO (mostly from sophisticated PIPE investors) and got $39 million grant from DOE. What happened in last 10 days that it should lose 2/3 of market cap? I added more to my existing position. There has to be an end to this insane selling. Reminds me of $FB IPO after which it dipped strongly and look at it now. I'm hoping $HLGN becomes $TSLA of industrial decarbonization.
  • N
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    🌟Metaverse is adored by the market and the capital. In fact, the market's understanding through the metaverse will be sharper, from consumer Internet to industrial Internet will embrace the online and offline integration of the metaverse era.
    💪 so that more new forms of social and game play become possible, for $FB $WIMI $GOOG and other enterprises, metaverse is widely used, major technology enterprises will usher in metaverse new opportunities.💎💰
  • T
    Tom Collie
    $AAPL conversation
    Who cares if the Fed raises rates? Why does that matter?

    This fixation on rates doesn’t make sense.

    If you have an incredible business, something you really think can earn substantial amounts in the future, do you really care if the discount rate is 1.7%, 2.25% or 3%? Does it really make sense to invest in fixed income or non-interest-bearing assets when you can buy equities producing 20%+ ROA, 30%+ ROIC and 50%+ ROE?

    Discount any cash flow stream by e-rt and you will see precisely what I mean.

    $100e(-.017)(1) = $98.31
    $100e(-.0225)(2) = $95.60
    $100e(-.03)(3) = $91.39

    𝝨 = 285.3

    What if rates went even higher? What if they went from 1.7% to 5%?

    $100e(-.017)(1) = $98.31
    $100e(-.03)(2) = $94.18
    $100e(-.05)(3) = $86.07

    𝝨 = $278.56

    Scenario 2, which I doubt anyone expects to happen, represents a decline of only $6.74 or a 2.36% discount overall from Scenario 1. This is exactly the point.

    The earnings power of $AAPL $MSFT $FB $AMZN and other best-in-class equities is vastly superior to 95% of other investment opportunities. These miniscule changes in yields are irrelevant.

    Yes, a higher risk-free rate will eventually diminish the value of equities – but right now, in January 2022, opportunity abounds. In fact, I think the SP 500 could surge 27% to 6000 by end of this year.

    Good luck!
  • M
    This message is for all investors in these companies : $tsla $appl $nvda $nio $lcid $fb

    My advice to you is to sell it and buy a Boeing

    Target $245 next week 🎯

    Thank you all 🙏
  • R
    Meta Platforms, Inc.
    It’s party time! $FB $GPCO $U
  • d
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    New job creation will be taking place inside the metaverse in 2022, from developers working on gaming and NFT transactions for luxury brands and social media platforms, to gamers monetizing their skills. $GOOG $WIMI $FB
  • M
    $SNAP conversation
    Analysts' Ad Buyer Survey suggests 2021's robust spend and momentum continuing into 2022
    "Data suggests digital ads set for strong '22 despite cross-currents. Search looks resurgent (good for GOOGL). In Social FB ROI is dominant but looks like a spend share donor (TikTok a major gainer). Results generally positive for SNAP, TWTR and PINS."


  • L
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    After decades of dividends, the Internet has also hit a bottleneck. Now Metaverse is just in time to help the Web break out of its traffic doldrums. In addition to the capital market's praise of Metaverse, what is more important is the in-depth layout of Metaverse by the head giants. In China, Tencent, $WIMI and $BIDU are the representatives, while in the US, $FB and $AAPL are the representatives. They have expressed their love for Metaverse in different ways.
  • S
    $KIND conversation
    HOLD - This is only company which can compete with $FB
  • d
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Buying calls here,everything's going to come up $NIO $FB $WIMI
  • J
    Meta Platforms, Inc.
    Oops, I wish I did continue to hold $FB $VENA
  • B
    $NIHK conversation
    Tytan Cybernetics
    $NIHK has established a significant position in the common stock of $RBLX, for investment purposes. While this purchase is not related to our anticipated 2022 M&A activities, it is investments into Metaverse businesses. #Metaverse_Landlord $VNTH $DRNG $FB $NVDA @Alpharidge_Cap
  • T
    The Truth
    $BABA conversation
    Quadruple down>

    #CharlieMunger added 300,000 #Alibaba shares to his position for $DJCO in Q4 2021.

    Position went from 165,320 shares in Q1 '21 to now 602,060 shares (Q4 '21 SEC filing), a 3.6x.

    $BABA is now 26.65% of the portfolio.

  • A
    Never selling a single share of $FB .. maybe in 10 years …
  • R
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    The metaverse represents the next iteration of the mobile internet: immersive, virtual and interactive $FB $MSFT $WIMI
  • H
    $MTTR conversation
    Prime buyout target by $FB. $50 is fair value.
  • P
    Prudent Investor
    $KO conversation
    Coca-Cola is nowhere nearly as good as Facebook (FB). $FB actually has cheaper PE than Coca-Cola. And FB is growing at 35% revenue growth rate while Coca-Cola revenue growth rate is only 16%. And FB had been growing for the past 5 years every year, but Coca-Cola actually had revenues shrunk for 3 out of the past 5 years. And FB is debt free and FB is in the process of buying back $50 billion dollars of FB stocks. Coca-Cola is loaded with debts and diluting and selling stocks every quarter. It is a lot better and safer to own FB than Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola cannot compare with FB at all. It is not even close.
  • P
    Prudent Investor
    $U conversation
    2022 will be a year very different from 2021 due to the rising interest rates. In a rising interest rate environment, debt free company with huge profits and cheap stock valuation like FB will shine, but money losing companies that are not able to turn profitable with extremely crazy expensive valuations like SNOW and U will crash big time. $FB Price/Sales ratio is only 8. $SNOW Price/Sales ratio is crazy expensive 106. U Price/Sales ratio is also very expensive 39. And if you look at the estimated revenues of this quarter revenues compare to the reported last quarter revenues, you will find that, both SNOW and U quarterly growth rates will be lower than FB quarterly growth rates. So there is no reason for money losing SNOW and U to be trading at higher valuation than super profitable FB. SNOW will need to crash down more than 90% and U will need to crash down 80% for the valuations to make sense. Not to mention FB is in the process of buying back massive $50 billion dollars worth of stock while SNOW and U are both constantly diluting and selling stocks. 2022 will be a year of stock valuation adjustment to make very cheap stock like FB to go up and crazy expensive stocks like SNOW and U to crash down to get valuations back to par. The best strategy for 2022 is to sell money losing companies like SNOW and U and buy super profitable companies like FB.