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Eastman Kodak Company (KODK)

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    $BTC-USD conversation
    I Told you so, just look at my picks
    Bitcoin will Continue to explode in a Vertical Spike 60,000 to 70,000 in the next few weeks.
    LINK-USD and BTC-USD have both broken through a Horizontal Descending Triangle Wedge .
    Next stop for LINK-USD is Mid 40's By April 1st.
    May Yeshua Bless you and Keep You and Yours!!!
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    $LINK-USD conversation
    I'm up over 12% in less than 24 hours on LINK-USD you can buy on Coinbase.
    Major Move into the Mid 40's in the next few weeks!!!Bitcoin will go into the 60's same time frame
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    Amy B.
    Futures is RIPPINGGG. Tomorrow is going to be fun $MOGO $OCGN $KODK
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    $KODK conversation

    One MAJOR company affected is
    $KODK - they want you to sell. #HoldTheLine
    IF you ACTUALLY DID your DD - you already know that this company is going to dominate in MANY ways.

    *KODAK Alaris?
    Look it up. Even a 2018 case study regarding ELECTION INTEGRITY.
    -->[new system]
    *KODAK Pharma IS replacing FRAUD PHARMA.
    *KODAK developed their own BLOCKCHAIN

    Who has primary holds in

    What other major positions do they hold?

    What happened at SUSQUEHANNA, PENNSYLVANIA before the American Revolution??

    $KODK and main stake holders, SUSQUEHANNA INTERNATIONAL, (SIG)
    are protected under the Defense Production Act. .
    interfering or halting sales would be considered a matter of National Security..

    $GME $AMC $NOK and I am sure more, will more than likely be halted to deter you... my thought is that these companies are being pushed to distract and take volume away from Kodak.

    HOLD. THE. LINE. This is way bigger than anyone realizes..

    *** SUSQUEHANNA is the ONLY center that stages, receives, inspects, and consolidates material for the US Army Security Assistance Command. They alone are responsible for the DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY (DLA) !!!!!

    It is 1776 AGAIN. No doubt.
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    $NLST conversation
    Told you so.
    Next up NLST KODK.
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    $BNGO conversation
    $BNGO $NOG $KODK $AMC $ GME and a new one $NLST
    NLST the next BNGO?
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    $AMC conversation
    $AMC $GBTC $TSLA $NOG $KODK $PLTR $GME When we finish punishing the deep state insiders
    I invite you all to the next Bitcoin which will in it self hit 200,000 per coin before the end of the year.
    Here is the Next Coin to be scooping up now!
    The Best way to ESCAPE The Federal Reserve System which has nothing to do with the U.S. but is owned by a Private Foreign Central Bank
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    $KODK conversation
    $KODK CONTINENZA JAMES V, Executive Chairman of EASTMAN KODAK CO bought 46737 shares on 2020-06-23. https://formwhispers.com/s?t=KODK

    Special THX Olivia @TEAM KODK of ROCHESTER 1-855-881-3508
    FormWhispers - Trading Ideas from Insiders EASTMAN KODAK CO KODK.
    FormWhispers - Trading Ideas from Insiders EASTMAN KODAK CO KODK.
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    $HTZGQ conversation
    Here's some stock insight from MARTY

    MartyMarty7 days ago
    $KODK conversation
    Nice to get back in at $9.69. Can we get back to $12 in a couple of days? Thanking the pumpers in advance. :)

    KODK last closed under $9 - HE SURE CAN CHOOSE THEM - "Sissy Boy" LOL
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    $BNGO conversation
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    GameStop Corp.
    To see all these bear fake accounts (probably hedge fund employees) in here commenting out of panic, fear and desperation. #GME #AMC #EXPR #BB #BBBY #KODK
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    $KODK is not showing up on lists of highly shorted stocks that are being published in stories. Why is KODK not on the lists if its at 38% short float?? Anyone have a current number ?
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    $NIO conversation
    Everyone including myself is distracted with the current trend in attacking heavily shorted stocks #kodk #amc #gme #bb
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    Churchill Capital Corp IV
    Lately, we have a large group of traders (mostly new and some old) chasing that one "it" stock all at the same time based on the momentum. we saw that with $KODK $QS $GME $AMC etc... So I can see $CCIV, with the merger announcement, hitting not just 100 but 200, 300 very quickly before receding to correction. just enjoy the ride.
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    Amy B.
    $KODK at this point this is a technical squeeze... it’s happening regardless... if we get loan news... see you at $100!
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    Amy B.
    $KODK Is a LONG TERM BUY for me
    1. loan immInent
    2. We NEED Pharmaceuticals manufactured in the United States and Kodak is the play
    3.Partnership with $MSFT
    4. Partnership with $PLUG
    5. High short interest
    6. Cathy fron ARK fund started added SHES A BOSS -no explination needed
    7. heavy short positions starting to cover last week for example Cutler group( see 13f 1/21)
    8. Did i meantion the 6 month chart is screaming break out
    9. More buyers will come when we turn That $14 resistant in to support
    Do your own DD make your own decisions but ill be patient and ill be rewarded 🤑
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    Who needs FAANG. We have BANK. $BB $AMC $NOK $KODK
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    $KODK conversation
    $KODK $AMC $GME.$BNGO Fed. Putting. Pressure on futures. They’re Trying. To. Scare You. Out. Of. AMC. And GME. You. Have Them. By. The B-lls Wonder..
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    Amy B.
    $KODK this needs to be squeezed... who needs the loan- squeeze KODK and let’s make that money for them.. SAVE AMERICA and bring Pharmaceuticals back to the United States!!!! Made in the USA 🇺🇸
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    Amy B.
    $GME $NOK $AMC $SKT $KODK Wall Street bets ARE BACK!!!!!!! consider this a fight... we’re going to the moon tomorrow Bullish