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Opendoor Technologies Inc. (OPEN)

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  • R
    $OPEN conversation
    $OPEN ~14,000 homes in Q3? Mike DP's public records data was accurate in Q2!

  • M
    Retail and other investors who have not rush in as Ark did have a good opportunity to get cheep shares. Arkk selling does not mean nothing! Look at $OPEN , after arkk sell everything about 13$ it went up to 20 + and now after big red
    Still at 19$. Sklz she has sell very little, and i think its algorytm selling and just a littlebit! Have a nice green day everybody. This stock might be green today i think 😊
  • F
    $DOMA conversation
    Zillow co-founder was a PIPE investor. The ecosystem potential for $Z and $OPEN and $DOMA is enormous. Technicals look alright, wait for the J Curve on the IPO spac, buy, hold, wait. I listened to a podcast with the CEO on Patrick O'Shaunasshey podcast. Driven intelligent guy, he will succeed in my opinion.
  • A
    $OPEN conversation
    It's weird seeing a 3% drop and then flat in no time. Well, $OPEN has definitely got a lot of attention now.
  • a
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $COIN $OPEN Charts are very favorable so do not sell or you will regret it. If you have the margin, buy more while it's down.
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    Jack M
    $Z conversation
    Josh brown should’ve bought $open
  • J
    $OPEN conversation
    One of the best stocks $OPEN which always rocks
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    $VXTR.V conversation
    $VXTRF / $VXTR Voxtur Analytics 2 business until the in-the-money warrants expire.
    I believe this will have a material positive impact on the share price.
  • a
    Opendoor Technologies Inc.
    I will need to add more shares as time goes on $OPEN $VENA
  • K
    $OPEN conversation
    Relative comparison $OPEN vs $CVNA (Carvana) for 1H'21 (CLICK VIEW MORE)

    Revenue : $OPEN 1.93B vs $CVNA 5.58B
    GM%: $OPEN 13.2% vs $CVNA 15.9%
    EBITDA%: $OPEN 1.2% vs $CVNA 1.5%
    Valuation: $OPEN 8.75B vs $CVNA 60.5B

    P/S: $OPEN 2.3x vs $CVNA 5.6x
    P/GM: $OPEN 17x vs $CVNA 35x
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $SPCE $WIMI $OPEN go see a movie it’s incredible we can’t let them destroy this American heritage with their greed.
  • C
    I’d like people’s opinions on this… Almost every SPAC opens at $10 that’s the pipe’s investors price. Usually it jumps a few percentages on announcement of who’s behind the SPAC and investors bring up the price. However I’ve seen that in many cases, the SPAC after some time it drops below the $10 threshold for several reasons. I’m guessing some of those reasons are because the underwriters or the ‘deal makers’ are cashing in on their gains… take a look at $HIMS, $ME, $OPEN and several others. My question is should one wait for these stocks to begin finding their equilibrium? Or should one simply DCA in? Also as far as CANO health goes, does anyone think that Sternlicht the deal maker will dump a ton of stock beinging it down or are we going through this period because all spacs in general are hurt?
  • V
    $JOBY conversation
    used to be matrix change on how value, it used consitently.

    Now it's completely different world we are.

    For example $OPEN have great earning, beating big way so much that if it's gone though normal IPO it would go 30-40% up even if trading higher than current valuation. But since it's though SPAC it back to pre-result after one or two day jump,.

    Fundamental for company is very strong. Generating lot of new revenue and if you remove their expansion expense, it's very profitable revenue.
  • S
    $ABNB conversation
    $ABNB heading up? Anyone? I'm expecting huge numbers just like $OPEN. $200+ later this year? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  • K
    $OPEN conversation
    Some people on this thread are so caught up in short term price action...

    $OPEN listed 170 homes on their platform yesterday, a $14B run rate. Don't be scared because the stock is down 2% today. Zoom out. 8-9B valuation is a great entry point.
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    $OPEN conversation
    Go compare $OPEN valuation to $CVNA (Carvana) - Both companies disrupting massive industries in similar ways. Both have high revenues & large growth & tight margins. OPEN at 8.5B and CVNA at 60B.
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    I think it is poo pooed today. But if it executes, it's a winner long term.$NFLX $OPEN $COIN
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    $OPEN conversation
    I have been reading a few negative sentiments on this board about $OPEN. Thanks to MANI and Kyle for instilling confidence in folks who are worried.

    Well, it's understandable. However, I have never been more bullish about $OPEN (both from a fundamental and technical standpoint). They are going to have a series of insane quarters and smash analyst estimates.

    Right now, we are in an accumulation phase where institutions are loading up big time. Don't get too worried about short-term trends. Having said that, I won't be surprised if $OPEN zooms up after earnings. My cost basis is around $18 and I am taking every opportunity to accumulate here. Wallstreet has been consistently rewarding companies with great earnings. Our turn is next.

    Good luck folks! We will rejoice in the next few days after OPEN gaps up like crazy.
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    $OPEN conversation
    $OPEN I truly believe people just read headlines of senior convertible notes which expire in 2026 and literally have no idea what that means. I will dumb it down for you, your shares DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT get diluted in ANY WAY AT ALL TODAY. Today’s announcement is BULLISH for the common stock.
  • I
    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    $VENA $GAST $OPEN You’re right im not off the boat that I don’t sell💎💎💎