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    $SKLZ conversation
    If I had a dime for every time a cash burner with a poor business plan was called the next ‘amazon or tesla’ I would be wealthier than Musk and have my own mansion on the MOON.

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    GameStop Corp.
    $ROOT $KPLT $AMC $PROG $ATER $MMAT ALL MOVING! GME seems to have no momentum unfortunately, the true squeezes are revealing themselves. $AMC 40% SI according to TD Ameritrade. GME, 10%.
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    $ROOT conversation
    Why is $ROOT a Turnaround in Early Motion

    $ROOT performance has been everything but good and stock price is falling 80% since the IPO almost 13 months ago, from $27 (IPO) to $5.59 at close last Friday (11-12-2021). Resignations, including two CTO, and an expected annual loss above $500 million could justify such poor performance.

    Also, if you have a business model based in telematics to provide a first quote to a potential customer, collecting data upfront can be a real constraint when you need to acquire customers at a fast pace, like $ROOT needs, in order to seriously increase revenue.

    Clearly, this was recognized by $ROOT management as we could perceive from CEO words during Q3 earnings call, when he stated that in Carvana ($CVNA) channel there is an instant quote with the car purchase and telematics will have its role later on.

    The way I see this, $ROOT is taking a much more effective approach in Carvana chanell which, in consequence, will result in an unprecedented revenue increase over the next quarters.

    Hopefully, this will be richly rewarded by stock market.
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    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    why would ya sell at a loss? Anyway doesn’t make sense. Don’t have anything to lose in waiting
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    $jumia and $root will make investors a lot of money
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    $ROOT conversation
    $ROOT will squeeze to $45 by tomorrow
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    $WISH conversation
    $WISH $BODY $CLOV $SDC $ROOT The language of the enemy is fear. Don't let them beat you psychologically!
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    Just Me
    $root chatter Heating up on WSB and Twitter
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    GameStop Corp.
    $ROOT and $APPH are real plays with real fundamentals. massively shorted floats and both beat earnings. you're welcome.
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    $ROOT conversation
    Hey everyone. I saw this on another forum and thought I'd post it here.

    On October 30, 2020, Meyer Malka (owner of Ribbit Capital) purchased 1 million shares of
    $ROOT at $27. On December 30, 2020 he doubled down and purchased an additional 753,976 shares at $16.55. According to SEC filings, Malka owns more than 10% of ROOT shares

    A few days later, on January 11, 2021, Walmart announced the creation of new fintech startup and partnership "with industry leader Ribbit Capital to offer next generation digital financial products" and that Meyer Malka will be on the board. Walmart anticipates that growth may come through partnerships and acquisitions with leading fintech companies.

    Costco sells home and car insurance on its website. Walmart tried in 2014 but it never panned out with their partner at the time

    Walmart's clientele is the perfect demographic for ROOT insurance. My guess is that a partnership with
    WMT and ROOT is in the works.
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    $ROOT conversation
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Root has eclipsed the Geico app for daily downloads in the Google PlayStore! Not only has Root beaten out all other telematics apps, it is now overtaking the regular old apps of legacy insurers. Only player left is Progressive and we're closing FAST! Will Root be the most-downloaded insurance app by August earnings???
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    Wall St.
    $ROOT conversation
    Buy when everyone is selling. $Root has great balance sheet. 1.3B in Cash. Great concept. Insiders own substantial amount of shares
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    $ROOT conversation
    15.00 then 50.00 $ROOT
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    $ROOT conversation
    $ROOT no more share to borrow , they are starting Naked Short. if you can hold the price higher in 3 days , they have to buy after 3 bussiness days at market price. This will be another AMC or GME. Please hold this for 3 more days.
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    Clarissa TS
    $NNDM conversation
    This whole “cash flow positive” and “fundamentals must be good” charade is getting very old even for a proficient short such as myself.
    In fact I covered every position because novice shorts think it is getting way too easy to make money and every small cap growth stocks will go to zero.
    We are seeing the opposite of the hat we saw in February. Bulls capitulating for losses, lots of panic while shorts are exuberant and believe high growth stocks will go to penny land.

    Going to scale long positions in next week into beat up growth names.

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    $ROOT conversation
    $ROOT official Twitter account tagged and replied to Elon Musk. Hope there is something happening between ROOT and TSLA.
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    $ROOT and $CLOV are like siamese twins. Both heavily shorted, heavily oversold, perfectly priced for a long position. You put a million dollars into either one, you’ll take out ten million within six months. Mark my words.
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    Just take a look at $ROOT for a comeback story. Got slammed for a month, up 15% today.
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    Root, Inc.
    $ROOT Let's take the bears' ammunition away from them. Let's (The Longs) borrow all the available shares and never use them. This way the borrow fees will get expensive and the bears will have no way to fight and have to cover ASAP or get crushed.
    If you like the idea, please do it and share it with all your contacts on all platforms.

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    $ROOT conversation
    $ROOT Announces Carvana and Root, Inc Deal as Outlined in 8K form