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Snap Inc. (SNAP)

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  • H
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Weve been here before. This wont last forever, just hold! $WIMI $SNAP
  • A
    $FB conversation
    It seems as though the selfie sharing and texting app our teenage daughters like to use now controls the entire stock market. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. $FB, $SNAP
  • S
    Elon now has enough money to buy either $TWTR or $SNAP lol
  • B
    $AMZN conversation
    Web traffic predicted $NFLX and $AMZN would tank after earnings. Since Amazon reported, they can obviously see how much worse its gotten. How long do you think until they warn shareholders like $SNAP did? If they know some material event, they are required to inform investors, or face lawsuits. So will they simply surprise the next loss report (not earnings, but loss)? Or do they warn first? And how deep do you guys think the sell off will be if they chose to warn?

    Their first quarter earnings included Jan, Feb, Mar, and since Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of Feb, only March was really included in that Q1 earnings, meaning damage was minimal. But next quarter's report will include 3 FULL MONTHS of inflation from Russia's invasion AND 2 full months of Shanghai lockdowns. How bad do you guys think the loss report will be? Don't say you weren't warned, just like I warned before Q1 was released.

  • L
    Lord Castlereagh
    $SNAP conversation
    I have no position just curious - but why would he say that when it isn't even $SNAP earning or close to earning? what was the purpose? Did he have a short position on his company?
  • S
    Haven’t seen mention here yet, so for those wondering why it’s down.. $SNAP announced yesterday that they would miss their low range of revenue this quarter which it’s draining the entire stock market down. Given that they generate revenue by online advertising, it’s a wonder that PUBM isn’t even lower right now.

    That being said, $SNAP is a horribly run business that is constantly dragging down small adtech because of their poor performance. I have seen this same thing play out quarter after quarter where $SNAP reports bad earnings, PUBM falls, PUBM kills it as always, PUBM goes up. I always buy the dip when PUBM falls on SNAP news
  • D
    The markets reaction to $snap earnings makes sense. The economy is hot, demand is high, and supply is constrained. Hence inflation. Advertising is throwing more gas on the fire. Of course companies are going to cut back on ad spend.
  • S
    Snap Inc.
    Thank god I didn't buy more of $SNAP. I really wanted to. The only right decision I have made since the start of 2022. Still a bagholder but a bit happier
  • A
    $VXRT conversation
    While today was brutal, volume was really low. Doesn't look like it was driven by any significant news event.

    If I had to guess, today was to bring is back in line with our peer group. We went up significantly relative to $SRNE and $INO, and today brought all three stocks back into the same range.

    $NVAX also got hit today (although not as badly), but they have experienced multiple big down days on no news as well.

    Tomorrow in all likelihood is going to suck, $SNAP and $FB are going to tank the Nasdaq.
  • W
    $SNAP conversation
    SNAP a year back I wrote:

    WS last yearReplied to a reaction
    $SNAP conversation
    all hot air designed to hoodwink investors while they cash in on employee options, snap will continue to sink deeper into losses & there is no light in sight
  • M
    Lightspeed Commerce Inc.
    On this snappy red day due $snap, at least the bonds inversion is corrected and $vix is NOT geysering. Read the CEOs comments on long-term and sell off of Techs. IMO, small to mid cap techs were brutally corrected 60 to 85% and now is the gega cap. Once they are corrected 40 to 50%, with releive in bonds yields, if the 2nd Q data is not leading to recession, war is tamed and so the gas is reasonably priced we may switch to a positive H2. Else, this is the year you shall never forget in history of your investing specially the youth who joined in 2020.
  • N
    $GOOG conversation
    Jefferies lowers revenues of $GOOG, $FB, $TWTR after $SNAP bad results.
  • R
    Hey Evan…..how are things at $SNAP. You and Miranda still paying off art student loans? 🤣
  • B
    $TWTR conversation
    The beautiful bird is holding up very nicely compared to $SNAP $PINS and $FB! Pure strength baby:)
  • L
    Meta Platforms, Inc.
    $GPCO $SNAP $FB if there's more dips, I'm buying more
  • k
    $TWTR conversation
    For all those thinking that Musk is going to lower or cancel his bid for TWTR. It's not going to happen.
    Simply go use SNAP as your comparable which has less revenue and gross profit and costs more on a metric basis when compared to TWTR. So effectively, by buying Twitter at the 54.20 price, it is similar to Elon buying SNAP at today's prices AFTER THIS MARKET SELLOFF and WITHOUT PAYING A SNAP BUYOUT PREMIUM.

    That's how undervalued Twitter was and how much of a good deal it is for Elon to buy it for $54.20

    Then once you factor in Elon's proven ability to streamline company operations and improve products you get the perfect storm where TWTR may just be worth what Elon claims he will make it worth by 2025 and 2028 which is over a 10X gain on his investment.

    FYI: Just arbitraging Twitter here at $46.4 pays a 55+% rate of return on your money. $TSLA $QQQ $SNAP
  • J
    Snap Inc.
    $SNAP wait what???
  • S
    $ANF and $SNAP both are crashing but while one carries surplus inventory, one doesn’t.
  • S
    $TSLA Musk should drop outgoing $TWTR and get now cheap $SNAP
  • H
    Snap Inc.
    $SNAP Seriously?