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  • W
    Wall St.
    $SOFI conversation
    I remember $SQ at $9 few months after IPO.
    Look where it's today...
    $SOFI has the same pattern.
    Buy as much as as you can afford, and don't micromanage it. Just hold it.
  • k
    Square, Inc.
    Good company. Long term growth. Thanks $SQ $VENA
  • A
    $SOFI conversation
    Jim Cramar on Madmoney today said to buy $SOFI

    $UPST $SQ
  • I
    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    $VENA $SQ $TSM anticipating at least a mildly red september candle,Hopefully
  • f
    There’s a massive short attack on Ark funds and it puts lot of pressure on $SQ. Yet $TSLA is standing firm. If and when $SQ enters S&P 500, there’ll be a bonfire of shorts.
  • S
    $SQ conversation
    $SQ - Double floor bounce! Will definitely close above $230. Make some easy cash today!
  • i
    Paysafe Limited
    $SQ was $38.09 on March 16th 2020. So, I still believe this will be $38 sometime soon
  • V
    ContextLogic Inc.
    Wish just posted 5 new jobs: $WISH

    3 of them payments related.

    🚨 Remember head of $SQ Capital didn’t go to $WISH recently to not bring payment know-how…

    Also last week receive EU payment license
  • W
    Wall St.
    $SOFI conversation
    When $SQ went public, it was disrespected, by wall street. It went below $9. Now, few years later, it is in stratosphere.
    I predict the same outcome, for $SOFI. Before, they build a skyscraper. They need to build the basement first. SoFi, before it becomes a skyscraper, is at the basement build up, metaphorically speaking,
    $14.30 price is a gift 🎁
  • N
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $TDOC $WIMI $SQ for borrowing and selling low, so that I can buy more. And also continuing to stay here, because you mis-it☕☕☕
  • P
    $SQ conversation
    Looks like $SQ is the official facilitator of payments at $Sofi stadium in Los Angeles for events like games and concerts.

    Most technologically advanced stadium in the world.
  • T
    The US Stock BUBBLE 2021
    $^FTSE conversation
    SELL ALL US Stocks in this TULIP MANIA!
    INFLATION IS SKYROCKETING as the FED continues to PUMP the Price of everything, stocks, oil, gold, home, land, commodities, utilities, food prices and everything!
    The World Economy is Collapsing, people are starving, but the US Market Makers are too busy in printing money and PUMPING the Stock prices Artificially to make insiders trillionaire without working!
    Enjoy Free Capital Gains in the US Stock Market while the Corporate Revenues are tanking and the Economy is Collapsing! US Stock Market is a “GET QUICK RICH” Scheme!
    Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) was 17,000 in 2016, with better economic fundamentals and higher corporate earnings. However, thanks to the Collapsing Economy, Coronavirus Pandemic, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, Skyrocketing unemployment, Trade Wars, Record INFLATION levels, and Heavy Stock Dilutions, Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) Ponzi Scheme has almost Doubled!
    S&P 500 (^GSPC) was at 1600.00 with better fundamentals and higher corporate earnings in 2016. Now it is sitting at ABSURD 3700.00 with TERRIBLE Fundamentals, Collapsing Economy, HEAVIER Corporate and National Debt and way lower corporate revenues and earnings!
    The World Countries are refusing to accept the US Dollar as international reserve currency due to the HEAVY Dollar PRINTING!
    US Stocks are INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stock Market is a MEGA PYRAMID SCHEME right now!!!
    The US Government is PUMPING Oil Prices artificially, DESPITE Shrinking Demand and Exponentially rising supply! Oil price went up from $1.00 to $60.00 in no time FOR NO REASON, thanks to FED. Soon, Oil will be USELESS and WORTHLESS, but the US Market Makers are seeing commodities as PUMP and DUMP Schemes!!!

    The debt crisis in the US is similar to global warming — it is an incremental but enormous phenomenon that could trigger disaster at any given point.
    The debt crisis in the US is similar to global warming — it is an incremental but enormous phenomenon that could trigger disaster at any given point.
  • M
    Lightspeed Commerce Inc.
    Reading about SOCM Report on $LSPD; TioRank has their success at 50% with -9% return with a rate of 1 out of 5 stars. Their Tweets & Videos IMO seem to be immature & unprofessional. I am confident on holding Lightspeed as I believe it will compete with $SHOP & $SQ and will prove itself shortly. Its nothing new for successful CAD Tech to be target for short sellers.
  • P
    $SKLZ conversation
    EVERYONE BUY SKZL NOW! We Must bring SKLZ back above $46 in a few days to save the World!
  • M
    Lightspeed Commerce Inc.
    I often compare $SHOP with Lightspeed and sometimes with $SQ and realized that its almost certain that $LSPD will double before Shopify can raise another 25%. Hence, you do the math and forecast WHERE you would be holding one or both.
  • S
    Steve Cohen
    $PYPL conversation
    Great news with Paidy! I expect a 5% pop at open! $PYPL $SQ
  • E
    $BABA conversation
    The most OVERVALUED US Stocks, $AAPL $NVDA $NFLX $FB $TSLA $AMZN $SQ $SHOP will soon COLLAPSE by 55-90%, but UNDERVALUED BABA will TRIPLE soon!
  • T
    $FISV conversation
    ValueAct builds $1.2 billion position in FISV. Thinks credit card processing business could challenge $SQ Square and become a $185B business by 2024. Clover worth $35-40B alone today.
  • k
    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    $SQ $VENAwhen it hits as high as it is now generally you can expect a big bounce.
  • k
    Square, Inc.
    This company has so much potential,I'm looking at it $SQ $VENA