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  • l
    $WFC conversation
    "Wells Fargo is so sorry" .. vs. .. WFC fights for binding arbitration and against the rule of law in open courts
    "Wells Fargo mgt. has turned over a new leaf" .. vs. .. WFC's 13 Fed. violations / $11 BILLION in fines / last 6 years
    Tim Sloan is different from John Stumpf .. vs. .. "After changes upon changes We are more or less the same"
    Lie la Lie .. Lie la Lie Lie Lie la Lie .. Lie la Lie .. Lie Lie la Lie Lie Lie la Lie .. Lie la Lie .. Lie la Lie la la Lie la Lie la la Lie
    Simon And Garfunkel - The Boxer (with lyrics)
    Year 1981 (Live in Central Park)
  • D
    $T conversation
    A brain dead manikin couldn't have screwed up a perfectly good financial internet site like this if it tried It's slow, buggy, confusing, and completely user unfriendly. Does someone inside want to discourage millions of users from coming to this site. And Marissa will walk away from this" mess" with more money than any of us will see in 50 lifetimes.
    PS They pay no attention to our thousands of complaints. As long as the insiders get their buyout money, why should they care?
  • J
    J & D
    $T conversation
    Here we go again! Yahoo is not listening to us ... bring back the most recent 'old' site so we all can actually view the information we loyal investors previously used ... before we look for a new site
  • S
    $T conversation
    ATT is foolish for spending this much for content and within 5 yrs they will take a huge write-down on the purchase. But in the mean time, the executives will get rich with new incentives for revenue and profit, but those numbers always ignore the massive new debt load that someone down the road has to deal with.
  • T
    Tom Lee
    $T conversation
    Just finished doing a little math and came away enlightened. For those who are looking to invest now for future income, I'd like to give a brief illustration. In Mar 2011, I Bought 1000 shrs of T @ 28.15 for my 401K, and have re-invested all Div's. I now have just short of 1300 shrs. The Div on these shares is ruffly $2500 annually meaning my original 28K investment is now returning me 9% annually ($2500 / $28000= 0.09 yield). I hope to retire In 3 more years at age 62. As I continue to re-invest my Div's, in 3 more years (assuming T doesn't reduce or abort its Div policy) my shr count will rise to about 1500 shrs returning ruffly $3000, or about 11% annually ($3000 / $28000= 0 .11 yield. Not too bad!! Of course none of this says anything about the appreciation or depreciation in value of those shrs, I'm only talking about income. What I am saying is if you have a few more years before retirement and are concerned about future income, you need to look no further than some decent dividend paying company's that will be around in the years to come and let er ride. Good Luck to all
  • G
    $T conversation
    The new message board format is horrible!!!!!
  • S
    Scout Finance App
    $T conversation
    What is your opinion of AT&T buying Time Warner? $TWX $T
  • B
    $T conversation
    $43 by Mid Dec
  • W
    $T conversation
    AT&T / Time Warner merger WILL be approved by FCC and Justice Department and you will see AT&T stock (T) going to $50 + a share. Currently bargain priced at $41 + a share plus you get almost a 5 percent dividend waiting for the merger announcement. Hard to beat a deal like this.
  • F
    AT&T Inc.
    Buy low. Sell high. Increase if you can, otherwise hold. It's AT&T. They're not going to disappear tomorrow, next year or the year after that. Position: long.
  • o
    $T conversation
    if the deal does not go through, AT&T get padi $1.7 billion termination fee.

    Keep bashing so that the deal is off. We makes money.
  • B
    Big Daddy Da Da
    $T conversation
    T is approaching a low since 6/24. A bounce will happen. Reasoning behind this sell of is sector rotation and possible Fed hike in September. Personally I think the Fed won't hike until earliest December or into next year. For me it's a long term core dividend holding paying a frothy divi..
  • B
    $T conversation
    Dictator Trump says "NO" to merger? What?
  • A
    AT&T, Inc.
    just bought my first stock today! 4 shares of T.
  • E
    $T conversation
    I actually Hate this new website format. It wasn't designed by investors.
  • B
    Bill mddb
    $T conversation
    The Time Warner deal will be fine. The deal will be decided on the facts and circumstances and The Donald is not going to try and put his thumb on the scale. Besides T and Time Warner Entertainment will spread the love in DC. Meet the new boss...same as the old boss...there are 100 lobbyists on the deal.
  • J
    $T conversation
    25.00 Open for T, way over paid... expect a $15 to $20 Drop. CNN network is horrible,, In fact after the election its going to lose 55 million Trump supporters. Now if your a TRUMP supported you have to drop the T Mobile network...
  • T
    $T conversation
    Tiglet2l is the worst poster on this board - read this. KMI trades at 18 now, by the way. LOL! The post below shows how useless the Yahoo boards are. SMH.

    Tglet2l • Jan 29, 2015 10:09 AM Flag

    KMI will give you a better return than T. VZ div is safer than Ts as well. Diversify. You buy some KMI at 40.50 and see where it is a year from now vs T. T will still be around 35 best case, KMI will be near 46 with many div increases along the way.
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    J E
    $T conversation
    Randy told us during the post earnings news conference in January that he was transitioning AT&T into a software company. Now he buys a giant media company so we get such things as the Cartoon Channel. Does Randall have any real strategic plan for AT&T or does he just like risky high debt debt deals where regulatory risk, financial risk and integration risk rule the day? The AT&T CEO is pure stupid.
  • s
    $T conversation
    I HATE this new layout. Yahoo, are you listening to your audience?