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    $TSNP conversation
    $TSNP - I'm SICK! of everyone talking about $TSNP as if it's going to be the next PAYPAL. First off, TSNP is in a class of its own and it's an insult to compare paypal to $TSNP. $TSNP will change the world. It will be in every continent. It's at 10 cents currently but it has gained 2500% with the merger to HUMBL PAY.

  • J
    People are investing backwards. All that matters is forward now after this tech crash. $qqq I cant imagine being short after this panic selling on $goog $googl $amZn and even $aapl post election. if joe biden wins you are effing screwed as they are more ofA big tech lover than anyone. if short $xom and oil you are screwed too because dem plan is to drive UP oil again to force green movement $clsk $be. The dems love big tech then even more the us conservatives and will move back to working with china quicker which helps us profit margins. Big tech will recapture highs very quickly after this vacuum /wash out either way. Honestly the media plants fud and lies to steal your money. With zero percent rates and people realizing no president can control a big business in the end its back to business. The covid #$%$ will fade away in days im in new england today and malls and big box are busy $spg $tgt - the pandemic is not like it was in march do not buy into the lies we have tons of treatment and knowledge now either way load ecommerce here my god $ostk $w
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    $BA conversation
    I don believe even certificçation will move stock price higher than june prices. Brokerage firms dont like BA or they love making $$$ out of put options. Shorting BA is very very profitable for them. BTW never use or touch options if you are not a veteran of markets. Dont believe in lesson tooTable always win, 90% option player lose $$$. s. Options are for experienced players. Let them eat each other. Go play state lottery. Your odds are much better than option markets.
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    Walmart Inc.
    WMT $1 trillion soon? ACRX just jumped double digits on Vol. ACRX news leak?
    long also $tgt $bby
  • T
    Nice gain here but can it hold - will sell my calls as soon as market opens and will switch to puts $FDX - no sign of 2T to 3T stimulus free money to keep ordering $AMZN $WMT $TGT $KR parcels using $FDX $UPS anymore.. average people will drag their s to dollar generals and aldis for 2 year or so - GLTA
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    Target Corporation
    Happy New Year everybody! 🎉 Looks like it's time to take stock and add $TGT shares to our portfolio today!
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    Pete Najarian was on CNBC this morning and was asked to pick 3 stocks for 2020. $TGT Target was one of them & he too argued that Target deserves a higher multiple than Walmart. He also believes Target will achieve that multiple. He is also a big believer in Cornell, especially what he has built with Target Online.

    Take it for whats its worth to you. This is not what i base my investment decisions off of, but opinions like this are always appreciated on my end.
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    $TGT conversation
    Glad I bought more $TGT shares at the big drop on Tuesday. Now up $5 with optimism around WMT's earnings beat. Let's hope TGT crushes it. Hard to see otherwise. They're a better version of Walmart all around.
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    $TGT conversation
    If you really think about it *rationally*, $TGT at 54 and even at 57 is a buy. Perhaps not a 'screaming buy' but definitely a buy. The risk is fairly low and yet somehow the sentiment brought it down 10% on earnings that were above expectations and guidance that was close to neutral. If you want to short retail, why not short $FL? It is amazing that $FL is up some 25% yet guidance is down. They see Q4 EPS down 15-25% y/y implying $1.03-1.16 vs $1.18 consensus.
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    If anyone who reads this is in Florida, stay safe people!
    Best of luck.
    As always, Best Regards.
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    $BABA conversation
    "US negotiators to head to China Monday for Face-to-Face talks."
    This is some good news!
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    Mr. President
    Target Corporation
    There are a lot of hater here against $TGT. Majority of people will ignore those people. $TGT is clean, well stocked, and has friendly people, great customer service, same day pick up, curbside pick up, and now same day delivery. This is the only safe place for the clickers to do some exercise and actually have some human interactions.
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    JP Morgan sees a trade deal....
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    $TGT conversation
    Target Raised by Telsey Advisory Group Outperform USD 138 » USD 152
    Maintains Morgan Stanley Equal-Weight USD 120 » USD 135
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    “US has agreed to delay hiking tariffs on some Chinese goods”
    Good stuff
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    Target Corporation
    $TGT is impotent for the month of January 2020. We need a good quarterly earning report in March. 🙏
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    On mobile if you look at today’s chart you can see a weirdly straight-lined part. That’s when yahoo was unable to supply real-time quotes.
    Apparently things are less frantic now, and they are able to get real-time quotes again.
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    $TSLA conversation
    $TSLA puts out a new semi truck product, $CMI and others are worried now as they have entered their markets. $WMT preorders trucks to test, would $TGT $BBY and maybe even $AMZN doing the same?
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    $TGT conversation
    $TGT down 2% today. This is a gift for us longs. Buy up!
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    $NVDA conversation
    $SPY $AAPL $TGT $AMD $FB Nvidia Beats Nvidia (NVDA) reported Quarter July 2020 earnings of $2.18 per share on revenue of $3.9 billion. The consensus earnings estimate was $1.95 per share on revenue of $3.7 billion. The Earnings Whisper number was $2.03 per share. Revenue grew 49.9% on a year-over-year basis.

    The company said it expects third quarter revenue of $4.31 billion to $4.49 billion, with non-GAAP gross margins of 65.0% to 66.0%, which calculates to non-GAAP earnings of $2.41 to $2.70 per share on . The current consensus earnings estimate is $2.17 per share on revenue of $3.97 billion for the quarter ending October 31, 2020.

    NVIDIA Corp is a visual computing company, connecting people through the powerful medium of computer graphics. The Company’s reporting segments include GPU and Tegra Processor.
    Reported Earnings
    Earnings Whisper
    Consensus Estimate
    Reported Revenue
    $3.87 Bil
    Revenue Estimate
    $3.65 BilGrowth
    Earnings Growth