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    Tammy A
    $ILUS conversation
    Summary of JP Backwell's video of 9/16/21 (this is only partial and represents mainly new points that were not known before or for which new details were made available):

    ILUS Overview and Upcoming Acquisitions

    JP Backwell on $ILUS uplist: Many talk about going to Nasdaq, most fail. We are sure of our plan. Bringing in key non-execs onto BoD soon. It will be very clear how we plan to go to Nasdaq & why we are so confident that we can get there in a very short time, all without a RS.

    US acquisitions:
    •TX - manufacturing - pumps & firefighting eqpt
    •TN - manufacturing - vehicles & assembly
    •GA - Route to Market & Knowledge - nationwide distribution - verbal agreement in place
    •FL - fixed system - signed LARGE contract with PROMINENT name - $TSLA? :face_with_monocle:

    EU acquisition (final stages of completion):
    •Massive (“astronomical”) manufacturing facility
    •Incl. staff of >1,300
    •EV design and manufacturing capability
    •Potentially large attached contract, under negotiation (400 firetruck fleet replacement?)
    •+ OTHER deals in EU

    UK acquisitions:
    •Primarily R&D and specialized manufacturing capability
    •Co-polymer vehicle body manufacturer with large scale CNC routing capability
    •Several EU contracts in place, already generating substantial revenue
    •OTHER UK acquisitions in pipeline
    Drone partnerships in place:
    1. Larger UAVs capable of carrying 1 ton for firefighting & rescue ops - partnership signed but cannot yet reveal company (proof of concept under way)
    2. Surveillance drones for road maintenance monitoring and firefighter situational awareness

    Partnership with TakeLeap through BCD Fire:
    •TakeLeap VR and AR solutions
    •VR training for fire and life safety
    •Exclusive agreement for VR software for health & safety to be rolled out GLOBALLY
    •Undergoing certification
    •Experienced sales person already employed

    Wildfire technology
    •In addition to ILUS’s rapid response solutions, they also already have existing wildfire technology
    •EXPANDING and DEVELOPING and ACQUIRING more wildfire technology
    ILUS Overview and Upcoming Acquisitions
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    $LCID conversation
    whole market crash -/+3 perccent and $lcid iss up almost 3 perccent. This might be the next EV company to surpas $tsla market cap!!! $nio $xpeng $li $nkla
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    $lcid is the only green in EV. Maybe undervalued compared to $nio, $xpeng, $tsla
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    $TSLA conversation
    Tesla (TSLA) plans to roll out the next version of what it calls its full self-driving software on Friday, but a federal traffic safety agency thinks the EV maker should hit the brakes. $TSLA stock gapped down amid a market sell-off, with rival automakers also falling solidly. This free service can be helpful if want to find the best opportunities to trade and assemble your watch list ahead of the opening bell https://tradepicker.today/DailyTradeIdeas
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    Join today and have our top stock picks, tips, and trade advice at your finger tips tomorrow!
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    $tsla $nio $xpeng are good but $lcid has more upside. If you invest in ev. You should buy more of lcid. It was over 60 buck at one point. Their newest car has the longest range compare to $tsla. Might get as big as Tesla in the future. 20x company in 5 years
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    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    $VENA $SOFI $NIO $TSLA Time is the most valuable asset on the market. If you are a young person, just be patient.
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    $TSLA conversation
    Buy the dip? $TSLA was $680 a month ago, $560 four months ago and $85 one and half years ago. That's the downside risk. I wouldn't buy anywhere above $300

    What about $NIO? It was $2 one and half years ago. I wouldn't buy anywhere above $10. But dont recommend shorting either of these. Instead of buying individual stocks like $GM, $F, $XPEV etc but total stock market indexes..

    $ITOT or $VTI - total US stock market. IXUS/VXUS total international. <-- buy and forget it.

    if you are super bullish consider $SSO or $UPRO - 2x, 3x SP500. or just buy leaps of $SPY.
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    $LCID conversation
    This should touch triple digit to capture and deal with $TSLA
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    $tsla is a good company but upside is more limited compare to $lcid. $lcid was up more than 50 buck but trading at 23 now. Might be able to make new high since many banks upgraded it. Take some money from Tesla and put it there.
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    $DDD conversation
    Lets ignore ABCDEFG, he is just a paid tool- own nothing, only selling his useless time to get pennies, dimes per post as a paid tool.

    Check what he said about TSLA 5 years ago. "This stock in the next 6-10 months has 50-60% downside risk - worse if the market tanks in an across the board selloff."

    he is doing the same bashing here and DDD will have TSLA style price movement as we all believe.

    ABCDEFG5 years ago
    $TSLA conversation
    People are really buying this thing here? I believe this company will be around for a long time - Elon is a visionary. However, he is also quite nuts, and his ambitions have right now gone beyond the company's near term financial means. Within a year, we will see some restructuring and downsizing of expectations. October is a rocky month. We will see huge swings. This stock in the next 6-10 months has 50-60% downside risk - worse if the market tanks in an across the board selloff.
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    Lucid Group, Inc.
    $LCID is yrs ahead of $TSLA today if you compare them month by month after IPO.
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    $LCID conversation
    I love the 3 best stocks in EV 1) $LCID 2) $ZEV and 3) $LEV all 3 have got great potential just like $TSLA had once
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    $POAHY conversation
    Just so everyone is clear: Porsche Automobil Holding SE is 99% just a holding company, which owns 31.x% of Volkswagen (and more than 50% of the voting rights).

    Porsche, the car company, is a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen.

    Porsche Automobil Holding SE additionally owns near 100% of a 700-people software company in Germany, but that's it.

    This whole thing is a total bargain in times of $TSLA, $LCID, $NIO and others.
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    Globalstar, Inc.
    Apple utilizing satellite communications is critical and bigger than just emergency SATCOM services in iPhones. This is more about the Apple Car! The speculation is emergency SATCOM services are to be implemented in the Apple Car to better compete with $TSLA AND SpaceX.....and what is the best way for $AAPL to do this? By acquiring Globalstar!
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    $BTE.TO conversation
    Oil is climbing, demand is climbing, economy is firing on four cylinders, we the energy investors going to be making a lot of cash over the coming weeks. The US is in very bad shape when it comes to their inventory levels. So bad that they don’t have enough oil to sell to China let alone keep up with their own demand now and that’s why you saw the Chinese release some oil from their reserve along with US. All oil stocks are going to do very well. My number one pick still remains Baytex Energy ticker $BTE $BTEGF.

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    $IDEX conversation
    IDEX BUY ALERT: CONFIRMED TESLA PARTNERSHIP! (Elon Musk Cannot Compete with WAVE, Here's Why)
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    $LI conversation
    Go LI ONE! Continue to lead the NEV luxo SUV monthly sales in China the world's biggest NEV market. Rumors about LI Auto will export to EU and other SE Asian countries early next year?
    $TSLA $NIO
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    The guy who shorted $TSLA at $100 in Feb 2020 is shorting $WKHS now. $TSLA went to $900 in Jan 2021. Isn't he a genius?
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    $NKLA conversation
    This is trending on yahoo because this is better than $tsla $lcid and $NIO combined
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    $PFE conversation
    $PFE Has 21.7B in cash. More than $TSLA $700+ stock