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  • T
    #TSLA and #NIO will both win long term!! Huge gains on both!!
  • j
    $PLUG conversation
    For people saying this is not a sector thing, here’s the field:

    $BE -7.71%
    $BLDP - 5.15%
    $FCEL - 3.92%
    PLUG - 7.68%

    $JKS - 19.4%
    $SPWR - 8.73%
    $CSIQ - 9.16%

    $NIO and $TSLA treading water.

    ... and so on with all the other clean energy stocks.
  • S
    $tsla the next 1T dollar company
    Mark the post
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    $BYDDY conversation
    Since January, Anheuser Busch has been using the BYD EV semi tractor to deliver beer around the San Francisco area out or their Oakland distribution center. The trucks are charged at the site. $TSLA, $NIO.
  • S
    imo $TSLA is down heading into earnings due to the fear that somehow Elon’s comp package will somehow make the company not profitable and thus put it behind another year for S&P500. From all the research I’ve done, it seems the real experts behind the financial analysis and predictions of Tesla have this pegged at GAAP earnings of 300-500 million this quarter alone. Next quarter of 1 billion in GAAP earnings. My opinion is we’ll see the stock trend higher and I will keep my $2300 ($460) EOY prediction from June as a safe bet. All time highs are very much in play as it becomes more clear that Tesla is becoming a profitable earnings machine especially when they post their first billion dollar GAAP earnings in q4.
  • H
    An important factor for ATTRACTING new market participants (New Customers; New Investors)— is “GOING GREEN” publicity !!!

    Why does Elon Musk $TSLA get a 1,000PE Multiple? —> Partly because of widespread “publicity”. PLUG POWER is doing a great job social media, videos, etc. There’s more “viewers” looking at the $PLUG stock forum than any other stock that I follow. On a similar note, it’s very important to be able to reach (have a “contact” point) with prospective “new” customers and “new” investors. I think a short TV Commercial would be the best way to “spotlight” GREEN Hydrogen -and- PLUG POWER. Here’s my suggestion:

    AMAZON & PLUG POWER and/or WALMART & PLUG POWER could jointly produce TV Commercials showing a PLUG POWER Hydrogen Fuel 18-Wheeler Tanker pulling up to refill the Hydrogen Storage Tanks at AMAZON and/or WALMART “Green” Hydrogen Energy Powered Warehouses. Then, show a PLUG POWER Hydrogen Fuel Filling Station inside the warehouse being refilled. And, the final “punch line” could show an AMAZON and/or WALMART Long Haul Truck with this advertisement painted on the side:

    500 MILE RANGE

    The mass publicity would prove to both consumers & investors that both companies, AMAZON & WALMART, are going “Green” in BOTH the Forklift Market — AND — the newly opening LONG HAUL TRUCKING MARKET too! PLUG POWER’s Sales Office phone would ring off the hook with prospective new “Green” customers! Remember the old adage — “Follow the Market Leaders!” PLUG POWER Sales Representatives could ask for a CASH DEPOSIT to secure the Hydrogen Fuel Cell via a JOINT VENTURE with ________ O.E.M. Truck Manufacturer (Joint Venture Partner). CREATE the 500 MILE Long Range Truck Market. LET’S ROLL —> INVEST & HOLD $PLUG
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    NIO Limited
    Everybody, look at the charts of other EV companys while $nio Is always at it's ceiling preparing (consolidating) for another huge jump, every other EV stock, no matter if $xpev $li $tsla $nkla $kndi $spaq $byd $wkhs ..., is tanking since months, near to tank or near to zero.

    We are safe heaven, no matter what others say to you, $NIO is the greatest company on earth. I know times when 1,16% gain was not .32 but .032 cents. We are golden and will go diamond. Compound interest, William Li hard work – praise him –and heavy volume will take us there soon. ALL HAIL TO $NIO
  • H
    Hydrogen is now a MEGA TREND WORLDWIDE. I would have never thought a 1,000 PE Multiple would be possible, but look what Mr. Market awarded to $TSLA. I think $PLUG will be awarded the same 1,000 PE Multiple — because PLUG POWER has “multiple” markets which each having massive “scale” potential.

    I envision a future in which PLUG POWER could have multiple GIGA Factories dedicated to the production of Hydrogen Fuel Cells components with major throughput volume at GIGA scale. This will only drive costs down even further to 50%+.

    Furthermore, a RECURRING REVENUE STREAM from PLUG POWER’s Hydrogen Fuel sales to end-user customers (the largest consumption of Hydrogen Fuel in the entire world) is another factor propelling $PLUG to be awarded 1,000x potential in my view. Produced on a large scale (10T/Day), Hydrogen Fuel will give PLUG POWER an estimated 30% Margin. So Important, it must be repeated: PLUG POWER’s End-User Customers represent the largest use of Hydrogen Fuel in the entire world !!!

    Investors that “invest” heavily now — ahead of PLUG POWER turning “profitable” — will be richly rewarded in my honest opinion. PLUG POWER is now creating “massive growth” with multiple large, scalable markets spread out across multiple industries worldwide. This is just the beginning... PLUG has now transformed itself into a vertically-integrated “ENERGY COMPANY” with 1,000x potential (seriously). Let’s Roll —> INVEST & HOLD $PLUG for the next decade.
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    $TSLA conversation
    $TSLA $NEVDF Nevada Copper’s Pumpkin Hollow copper project in Yerington, Nevada is less than 60 miles (100 km) from Tesla’s massive Gigafactory, a proximity that Gill said was a key factor in Pala’s investment.

    Surrounded by onion farms and backed by the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Pumpkin Hollow mine will produce more than 100,000 tonnes of copper each year once its underground and open-pit portions fully open, which is slated to happen in phases.

    “Copper is king for this electrification trend taking over the global economy,” said Matt Gili, Nevada Copper’s chief executive. “We see demand increasing steadily in the years ahead and, so far, supply is not keeping up.”
  • N
    NIO Limited
    $Nio is everything Tesla wanted to be and even more than that. Considering that Investors think in decades what explanates tslas 400billion market price rationally, tsla is heavily overvalued by now because the great mass of ev investors are fatally wrong but the masses begin to realise the true future value of $NIO and tslas overpricing. I'm saying, Nio should have by now this heavy market cap, not $Tsla. I'm ultra bullish and will not sell a share until $NIO reaches 1000$ within this decade.
  • F
    $NIO conversation
    But if you are long today's SP is nothing compare to next year about this time...I am betting it will triple or be at $130. Have not sold any but will be buy more as I am doing for $TSLA. My plan is to pay off my mortgage within two years. I have $220K more to go.
  • L
    Nikola Corporation
    1 hydrogen station is around $15-20m per station. GM deal is $700m. Arizona factory is $600m. weekly burn rate us around $5m. Nikola cash today is under $700m. Why buy nikola? go buy $NIO, $TSLA, $BYDDF, $XPEV or $ARKK instead. nikola is a high bankruptcy risk.
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    You Think?
    $TSLA conversation
    Ha! $Tsla is down but $NIO is up! 😁
  • x
    $nio share price rose 10 times in 6 months, and no one bothered to ask a question? Yet everyone is eyeing on $tsla. I don’t understand the reasons.
  • m
    $AAPL conversation
    Oh and bought one share of $tsla ......hope to be multi-millionaire next year
  • A
    $TSLA conversation
    Model 3 got range increase to 353 miles without price increase! I am kind of jealous because I paid 55K for my 2018 model 3, which is more expensive, slower with shorter range. But then I saw 1430 shares of $TSLA @ $220 cost parking in my investment account. I told myself: God is faire. :)
  • e
    Tesla, Inc.
    $TSLA How much will this be worth in 5 years? Guess.
  • s
    SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
    DOW green!! also ACRX is climbing pre market, AXRX my 4x gainer pick within 12 months!

    long also $tsla $nio
  • H
    Reposting this important information— From 2000 to 2020:

    PLUG POWER was a “Research & Development” Company way back in 2000. Back in 2013, it was “speculative”. Today, in 2020, it has expanded and transformed itself into a Vertically Integrated HYDROGEN ENERGY COMPANY with Top-Tier End User Fortune 500 companies like AMAZON, WALMART, HOME DEPOT, KROGER, etc. — — and, very very important to note: PLUG POWER is expanding into NEW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Markets including the Long Haul Transportation (Big Rig Semi-Tractor Trailers) Market. All indications are that THIS New Market will see major growth ahead. Already, just recently, Deal #1 was inked with LINDE to convert their entire Long Haul Truck Fleet. So, in 2020, PLUG POWER can best be described as a solid GROWTH STOCK with aggressive expansion plans laid out in detail (Listen to the videos on PLUG POWER posted online).

    With the fast expansion into NEW markets for fuel cells, PLUG POWER plans a GIGA Factory to scale up — and to drive costs down by 50%. The Margin Expansion from the GIGA Factory and the lower fuel costs (Produced at PLUG POWER’s Hydrogen Fuel Plants — planned to be built all over the USA) will give PLUG POWER the opportunity to turn a profit for the first time. However, the Top Line Revenues have been growing at about a 30% clip — which is very strong growth.

    IN THE PAST 30 DAYS —> PLUG POWER is seeing EPS Upward Revisions — as the analysts covering PLUG POWER see the growth ahead. Soon enough, as the new H2 fuel & GIGA factory production plans come together, PLUG POWER will be a “profitable” company — and hopefully be awarded the same PE Multiple as $TSLA —> 1,000x.

    Now, get out your internal calculator —> Slap a PE Multiple of 1,000x on $PLUG turning a profit of $1.00 EPS (ttm) in 5 years ... and you get $1,000 per share. A patient investor invests (ahead of the herd) and waits for the exponential growth to kick in. If you waited until $PLUG turned a profit, then the share price would be significantly higher. Now is the time to accumulate as many shares as possible — go “BIG LEAGUE” on $PLUG —> Huge Upside!
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    $TSLA bag holders, come over to NIO for 5 bagger in 18 months!