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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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    Tesla, Inc.
    can someone remind me why $TSLA went from 800 range to 1200?
    Oh, I remember now that it was due to Hertz order and
    1) at that time Musk wasn't offloading the stock.
    2) Fed was dovish
    3) Germany gigafactory was going to start anytime soon..
    4) Gary in his dream saw TSLA split on 12/9

    but now #1, #2, #3 ain't happenin
    we will know about #4 in a couple of days..
    Will DOCU episode repeat here with TSLA. dunno
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    Wishy wish
    $GGPI conversation
    Bottom is in - GGPI is the cleanest shirt with best valuations among everything including $TSLA $RIVN $LCID or even $NIO. Thats why its holding up so good.
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    $XTC.TO conversation
    $TSLA is partnering with Exco Technologies Limited, a Canadian company that specializes in designing and developing dies, molds, assemblies, and casting for automotive companies, the company’s CEO confirmed on an Earnings Call earlier today.
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    NIO Inc.
    It's just like it's a Wonderful Life. You can't panic sell to Potter at .50 cents on the dollar. $NIO $XPEV $LI $TSLA $BYDDY $BABA $BADU $AAPL
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    $TSLA conversation
    $TSLA today ....
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    Kentucky bluegrass
    $RIOT conversation
    Last week, Wood told Barron’s that if “institutional investors move into Bitcoin and allocate 5% of their portfolios,” the price of the cryptocurrency would soar to about $560,000 by 2026.

    Her latest projection implies an upside of over 800%. That might seem far-fetched, but remember Wood was right on the money when she predicted a 1,200% upside in Tesla. $tsla $mara $btbt $coin $riot $hut $bkkt $fb $nvda
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    NIO Inc.

    1. Nio needs to announce entry into the US

    2 The creation of Battery swap stations in the US nio has been talking with BP since 2018, see the public letter. BP owns Arco and the needed US infrastructure that could be used for BaaS.

    3. Utilize cash to partner with major US brand to incorporate battery swap, F or Toyota or Honda or VW or Audi.

    4. Release success of Robotaxi pilots...demonstrate probable capability of AD in 3 years. Publicly establish Nio as the leader in AD. ADaaS is a real and lucrative revenue stream particularly in the Robotaxi business.

    5. Begin building plants in US and Europe now.

    6. Announce progress on mass market brand and how it will drive BaaS revenue.

    7. Create a new power division focused solely on swap stations giving power back to the grid.

    8. Create a division focused on partnership re: content delivery with AD and Robotaxis. Lots of revenue coming from content delivery to users while Autonomously Driving.

    9. Create a solar division where batteries at home can store and use energy.

    10. Announce that capacity will be 1m cars per year by the end of 2023....which is more than $TSLA this year.
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    🤑 ORDERS BACKLOGGED yet FILLING UP RAPIDLY AS WE TYPE - READ THE ARTICLE Goodbye, Diesel: Inside Romeo Power’s Plan to Electrify Trucks Nationwide
    By Samson Amore
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    Tesla, Inc.
    Tesla has just filed four Form 4's tonight with the SEC, showing Elon Musk sold 943,091 $TSLA shares today.
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    $TSLA conversation
    $Li showing shooting star candlestick after the gap up. I would not be surprised if $TSLA does the same. The hype is just so much greater
  • R
    Just one vehicle. Think of what they’ll do with more. The time to buy LI is now

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    $TSLA conversation
    Why $TSLA is sinking today when it stands good yesterday when the market is down?
  • S
    $RIVN conversation
    Rivn shorts are going 2 be like $tsla shorts. They never learn 🤣🤣🤣
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    $LCID conversation
    $LCID to $60+ really isn’t a question of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.” The market is going to price this one alongside $TSLA. The rocket is just warming up 🚀
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    $TSLA conversation
    $TSLA co-founder and CEO Elon Musk suggested he may sell off even more of his Tesla shares in a Twitter spar with Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders. Musk, the world’s wealthiest person, on Sunday sparred with Sanders, who tweeted a day earlier that “…we must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share.” I am so glad i found trade-ideas. Helps traders find the best setups in the market right now https://dailytrading.tools/StrengthAlerts
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    $TSLA conversation
    I just got done reading every single post on this $TSLA conversation board and I've helpfully summarized it all here for your benefit (so you don't need to waste time reading through over 594,800 reaction posts):

    From its current price level, Tesla stock could go down, stay the same, or go up.
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    $TSLA conversation
    If $RIVN and $LCID sell nothing and are worth hundreds of billions, shouldn't $TSLA which sells something worth 100x more than them, so $10T, so the stock price can go up 10x to $10k?
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    $STLA conversation
    Today the PE for Stellantis is 3.89. There aren't too many other stocks that are this cheap. Perhaps the new name isn't doing it for the company but as people get to know who Stellantis is, the price will go up. This makes $STLA the best stock to own now. If you like to buy and hold, buy $STLA and hold it for a year. This will be at $100 by late 2022. Even at $100, it will still be 15 times cheaper than $TSLA and at par with the stock market average. So a $100,000 investment will be worth $500,000. Go Stellantis.
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    $TWTR conversation
    Twtr shorts r like $tsla shorts. They never learn 🤣🤣🤣
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    Ash Wolter
    $PLUG conversation
    Power @queencastle story about PLUG Power PARTNER Gaussin being as Big as Renault Hyvia JV!!!

    ‘s!!! Except bigger because we do the ELECTRONS TOO!!!

    Gaussin’s plans are ambitious: the goal is to produce the skateboard through a network of licensees to accelerate its international diffusion, so the French firm. The planned programme of 41 licenses within 36 months would allow Gaussin to capture five per cent of the clean-energy truck market, representing cumulative sales of 450,000 vehicles by 2031.

    Gaussin is going to be as Big as Hyvia!!!