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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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  • A
    Alan The Great
    $TSLA conversation
    The price of a stock or any product is how much buyers or market think it's worth. There's really no wrong or right price IMO. At this time, $TSLA is worth $800+ dollars because buyers have determined that Tesla is a very valuable company to the world's future. So let it be written and let be said.
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    $BEP conversation
    NEWS: In a new disclosure filing, it was revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Dec 22, 2020 bought 25 $TSLA call options with a $500 strike price and an expiration date of 3/12/2022. She paid between $500k-$1M for the options. So, we will see massive EV and clean energy incentives coming in this year. BEP/BEPC - Strong Buy. GLTA
  • D
    $APPS conversation
    I like to put the $tsla chart on top of the $apps chart and see that Digital Turbine had better gains without all the media and youtube hype.
  • G
    $F conversation
    Rumor mill $F & $TSLA could merge.. The 2021 Mustang Mach-E promises to be quite competitive with the Tesla Model Y in terms of battery range, price, feature content, and performance. Ford has also partnered with Volkswagen for a future EV that will use VW’s MEB electric vehicle architecture. Plus, The Blue Oval is also working with EV startup Rivian on an upcoming EV.
  • m
    $AMTX conversation
    ELON MUSK: ““Am donating $100M towards a prize for best carbon capture technology””

    Aemetis is the leader on carbon capture technology. Two consideration:
    1) the sector is very hot and trillion of dollars will flow on the business done by Aemetis;
    2) Aemetis is located in California, very good at capture Carbon. I guess that it will be screened between all the projects and, hopefully, it can also win! $GEVO $TSLA $PEIX $XOM $CVX
  • E
    $OZSC conversation
    Something tells me $TSLA future big rig ev charging stations will have $OZSC manufacturer components
  • N
    Nasdaq Composite BUBBLE
    $^DJI conversation
    FED says, "we are far away from our goals, P/E ratios must be above 15000 at least".
  • J
    Workhorse Group Inc.
    Thank you numbers ARK sold $8.9m worth of $TSLA today, doesn't mean its bearish its redistributing capital
  • E
    3 Predictions for Next Week. $AAPL will hit $150 after earnings. $TSLA will hit $925-$1000 after earnings. $NIO will hit a New All Time High by next Friday Price Target $67.16 Long & Strong $AAPL $AMZN $XPEV $LI $RIDE $GEVO $ALPP $UAVS $ABML $FRSX $XL $BLNK $SPCE $PLTR $F $CLOV
  • B
    $F conversation
    Will finish green and will setup for another big run on Monday. Smart money will flow from bloated $TSLA, $NIO, $XPEV to cheap, undervalued $F, $GM, $STLA
  • R
    $NIO conversation
    Predicting questions in March: “Today’s share price is $80. Should I get in now or is it too late?” Answer: No it’s not, but wouldn’t you rather have gotten in at $58 (or lower)? We’ve seen these questions weekly since $2s. Look at the 1 year+ trend and consider where NIO may be 12 months from now! Too many positive/strategic things happening to keep SP below $100 for long. The fastest growth in 2021/2022/2023 will belong to NIO; not $TSLA. When shorts suggest the sky is falling (daily), ignore them or tell them to look at the charts as they speak for themselves. NIO is just getting started folks!
  • G
    Similarly to $tsla. Only invest in the top cybersecurity company in the field. The others like C3 are just trailing.
  • N
    Ninja D. Swinga
    $NIO conversation
    There is no "EV-Revolution" $Tsla (Elon) is a freak stealing billions of dollars like trevor Milton while sinking some of the money into an already failing upscale process. Exploding cars, bad service, blaming customers, ugly design tin can like quality, thats testla. Old manufacturers will easily catch up with this company cause there is nothing unique to make entering the key business severe or impossible. And it is the quiet similar same case with $Xpev, $li, $kndi, $fsr, $lucid ($cciv) etc.

    This Tulip mania based on future expections for companys which will not exist. Never exist, because there is no demand for this kind of products. These companies are especially in china LUCKY because of the Subsidies. But we are about to enter a new episode in China with less subsidies and more need to Demand created through intrinsic motivation - the normal behaviour of humans.

    Only $NIO works on this issue, only $NIO is creating right before our eyes a whole new industry to create the demand with intrinsic motivation through building a big intrinsic brand value, a lifestyle Brand with many products beside of the EV aspect and a lifestyle brand many services beside of the ev aspect with building battery as a service industry, an autonomic drive as a service industry, a safety as a service industry - quite similar to ADAC in Europe and and and ....what do the others? Selling trash, compared to $NIO and once the demand in china is not statecontrolled anymore, NIO will outpoint its unique position on all spheres in this run. Even old manufacturers who trying to catchup with the ev startups will have to rethink their strategy in case of NIO because all of this things NIO is doing are cumulated the reinvention of the driving expirience quite similar to how steve jobs changed the world with the smartphone revolution. Dont blame me like many of you freaks now when the cliff fall of all of your stocks begins to remaining again while NIO remains standing strong and rising unlike the others.
  • m
    $SHIP conversation
    The presentation of the CEO and CFO had another VERY Interesting pointS (and I mean with big S)

    1. The CEO states that currently there is a barrier of entry in building new cap seize ships, because in a few years the propulsion of these vessels will change (probably hydrogen -- my take). Which is very good for ship currently, less short term competition
    2. The company that installed the scrubber technology will get paid per agreement on the fuel savings that the vessels make. (put another way, no fuel savings = no payment) and the scrubbers will be owned by ship in a few years. So as an investor the capital of the company $ship has been increased.

    As such I am expecting 3x on $ship near term. $ship is no $TSLA, $FCEL, $PLUG, but short term it most likely will outperform these stocks. Do the research yourself.

    Obviously a dividend is on the radar as also discussed in that presentation. Here is the link again to the full presentation.

    Question: which company installed the scrubbers?? That company would have a significant interest in ship doing well, just to get paid, and they are probably also purchasing these cheap shares on a grand scale

    Seanergy Maritime
  • B
    $STLA conversation
    $STLA is well positioned to excel. They already have EV's and working on their own battery technology. They have a full range of cars from innexpensive to luxury and you can't replace that with poorly made $TSLA, $NIO or $XPEV. They also have the experience and infrastructure to scale up. That doesn't happen over night and $TSLA know that. Buy $STLA on the dip. It's a quick profit come monday.
  • I
    $PLYZ conversation
    Owning 1.2MM shares of this @ .0027 saved my portfolio from loss today since $TSLA didn't want to come out and play and $NIO is still blah.
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    $SRNE conversation
    Srne will go to 15+ with or without covi pipeline .. investor and institution play is for Epidural .. Covi-products are addons .. shorts has to understand .. dont get burn on stock market and big money play .. see $tsla $pltr or even $jmia play
  • i
    Newborn Acquisition Corp.
    I am confident this will be $40 and above. Its taking its own sweet time... I know it is hard keep watching the same number... As soon as we know the merger date this thing will move up very quickly. 50,000 warrants ...sitting tight. nuvve will be better than $SBE because it is for both commercial (buses, trucks, and consumers (small ev's.) $TSLA is also going V2G route.
  • S
    Snoopy with Money
    $TSLA conversation
    I have a feeling $gm will take over NIO and scale a lot faster than NIO or Xpev or Li. I am going to bet 1/2 of NIO money invested into GM and Keep $tsla shares where it is . Soon to be millionaire with stocks only..less than a year away!
  • v
    $TSLA conversation
    $gm is looking as good or better than $tsla and $nio (combined)