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    The Truth
    $9988.HK conversation
    $BAC Bank of America's August 2021 Global Fund Manager Survey shows Emerging Market investments rank 2nd-last in popularity, just above Bonds. With the 2nd-highest US market in history (see Shiller P/E), future returns from here will be ugly and firms will eventually rotate into Emerging Markets. When that happens, we'll see a huge wave into Chinese and other Emerging Market stocks. This rotation is a feature of the world economy and has happened throughout history (see data). Superinvestors are piling in to BABA (see Dataroma), Bill Gates recently purchased a Chinese fund for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (see 13F SEC Filing), and the flows to Emerging Markets have begun. The lowest-risk Chinese stocks happen to be very cheap right now. There will not be a better time to buy. Buy and hold for life. *This information is for entertainment purposes only. I'm not your fiduciary. Do your own research.*
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    Steve Cohen
    $WFC conversation
    Jim Cramer says it's a buy here! This is heading to $50! HODL $BAC $WFC
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    $BAC conversation
    Hi! I have no interest in $BAC. I am a customer, however. I went to my local branch today and there's a sign on the door "temporarily closed." I returned home and checked, many branches in my area "temporarily closed." Some of the branches are not re-opening. Has there been an announcement of closing branches? When I looked inside the window, it looked like nothing inside the branch I use. Thank you reading.
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    $BAC conversation
    $BAC Severely overbought, and it reached the longest winning streak since Aug 2020, which was an 8 day run of 11.5% rise. This time the stock rose more than 12%$ in 6 trading days. Expecting a 3-5% pull back in the upcoming trading days if it follows the trend after the last winning streak
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    Bank of America Corporation
    $BAC $VENA Calm down. It's been a long day
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    $EVK conversation
    SOFI is the next buy now pay later banking and credit target and there are many potential suitors being named such as $JPM $V $MC $BAC
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    $AMD conversation
    Im going all cash. This market is a bloated pig.
    CNBC everday with their ANOTHER ALL TIME HIGH! WEEEEE! talk...nope....ill wait for the correction...i made a boat load and im not losing it
    $bac $fb $gc $ms $Amzn $nvda
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    $BAC conversation
    Bank of America Corporation $BAC

    Total Debt (mrq) 548.94B

    Book Value Per Share (mrq) 29.89
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    $WFC conversation
    Wallstreet acting like the CPI is big surprise, are they even live in the same world like normal people? Maybe they are too rich and don't see what's going on with PRICE HIKING ON EVERYTHING! Buy bank stock, period.
    $WFC $C $BAC $JPM
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    $CARV conversation
    The #1 shorted stock according to Dow Jones Marketwatch is $CARV with 68% short interest.
    Its one of the largest African American owned banks in the US. $CARV has $25 a share in cash and partnerships with $JPM $WFC $BAC.
    It is very undervalued at this price $PT $20

    Shares of Carver Bancorp soared as much as 267% intraday as individual traders piled in
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    $BAC conversation
    Fraud bank $WFC going up......but not $BAC....:(
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    $JPM conversation
    Added shares in $JPM $BAC and $V this morning. I think the bank fraud news is all noise, and as the economy comes back, financials and credit will be the big winners. They have been essentially left for dead the past 6 months or so.
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    $MS $12B stock buyback thru June 2022 & doubles dividend to $0.70

    $WFC $18B stock buyback starting in Q3 & doubles dividend to $0.20

    $GS boosts dividend 60% to $2

    $BAC boosts dividend 17% to $0.21

    $JPM boosts dividend 11% to $1

    $C keeps dividend unchanged at $0.51
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    Time to buy bank more - Thank you fed $BAC $JPM $AXP $C $DFS - gold mine
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    Commodity analysts from $BAC said in a recent report that they see silver averaging near $30 this year.  They expect a 281 million ounce supply shortage and 9% higher industrial demand.  $GS repeated its bullish view on silver, saying it projects the metal's price to reach $33 per ounce, spurred by increasing green renewable energy. $AG $PSLV
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    Bank of America Corporation
    I wish we can focus on $BAC and not politics.
    What is the chance of a dividend suspension? It's sustainable but I believe the regulatory board is calling for a pause. Anybody know ?
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    Financial value rotations has not started yet.. stay tight guys.. Can $BAC $JPM $TFC $C has more long shot soon.. transportation and energy started these upside once banks joins - S&P and RUT to year high..
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    $BAC conversation
    Trump is your Great President - yesterday - Replied to a reaction
    $BAC conversation
    "I'm in at $33 cost per share . Learn the charts"
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    Biotech Stocks
    $BAC conversation
    5 Biotech Stocks With Breakthrough Treatments https://smallcapreporter.wordpress.com/2018/05/14/5-biotech-stocks-with-breakthrough-treatments/
    5 Biotech Stocks With Breakthrough Treatments https://smallcapreporter.wordpress.com/2018/05/14/5-biotech-stocks-with-breakthrough-treatments/
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    $UAL conversation
    Just twelve years ago big banks were bailed out and they had forced mergers, lots of bankruptcies and in the decade since have really reserved billions for loan losses. They passed the recent stress tests as well.

    My question is, why would people people buy Airlines, Cruise lines and hotel/casino stocks betting on things being normal when banks are prepared and they have NOT participated in the markets complete turn around??

    $rcl $bac $aal $ccl $wynn $lvs $jpm