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Colgate-Palmolive Company (CL)

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    $CRLBF conversation
    Personal Reasons for choosing Cresco as number 1 horse:

    -CPG/Brand approach
    -Product quality will/and does matter.
    -Entrenched in multiple billion $ run states.
    -Cali. exposure + knowledge/skills/brand development for eventual interstate commerce.
    -Social justice initiatives (seem to be leading the way for tier 1s)
    -CEO that isn’t pasted all over Twitter.
    -Sunnyside dispensaries vs some tier 1s.
    -Wholesale/retail blended $

    The share price has been hit the hardest vs most others, and will rebound in the same manner.

    Number one with a bullet baby.

    $crlbf $cl $cl.wt
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    $TRUL.CN conversation
    Best case scenario IMO... #SAFEbanking passes and the #TSX opens up its doors first for MSOs. This means proxy plays like $TLRY and $CGC will continue to be locked out of the USA but MSOs will take full advantage of multiplied valuations with 🔥 volume $MSOS $TRUL $CURA $GTII $CL
  • E
    Airlines and cruise lines are going to skyrocket. Inevitable. People are going to travel. Business will travel.

    Might sell off some of my slow burn tech stocks to get on this and $CL know we will see $aal at $45-50 by mid 2021 and $CCL same story.

    We all knew travel would be the last to rise from the grave.

    Double down folks
  • G
    Hedge fund Alden Capital owns the Chicago Tribune! These are the desperate lengths they are going to get YOUR shares! Don’t let them win! #MSOGang Long $GTII $TRUL $CL $JUSH $PLTH $NGW
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    $CL.CN conversation
    Cresco Labs had the Top US Brand in Q4 of 2020 as shown in source below.

    Huge news for Cresco Labs $CL $CRLBF as well as Green Thumb Industries $GTII $GTBIF (who is in close 2nd place) as this shows that these companies know what they are doing with regards to CPG strategy.

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    Puff Daddy
    $TRUL.CN conversation
    Shorts Getting Roasted After Increasing Positions in $TCNNF $TRUL $CL $CRLBF $GTII $GTBIF

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    $CL conversation
    $CL - Colgate - $75.45

    *Quarterly dividend of $0.45 per share

    Ready for a jump? I think yes! Just put an options call (Exp. Nov.5) & a few k towards $CL. The stock has been getting some volume today -currently, up 1.5%- & is sitting at a strong resistance level.

    Earnings on October 29th-

    Price Targets below:

    -Goldman Sachs: $98 (BUY)

    -Deutsche Bank: $86 (BUY)

    -Berenberg Bank $85 (HOLD)
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    $ITHUF conversation
    $GTII reported beastly earnings. This week comes the other big three. $CURA $CL $TRUL. Show me the $$$$$

    Then there is $IAN... No mention of even releasing their Q3 earnings. Will likely take the Covid extension. Guess we won't see them until the new year, if ever. #classiciAnthus

    ...and they will say it's in the best interest of the shareholders 🤣🤣🤣
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    $CNBS conversation
    Flag of United States $CURA $GTII $CL $TRUL $TER
    Flag of Canada $CGC $TLRY $APHA $CRON $ACB

    Flag of United StatesEV/Rev: 9.1x
    Flag of CanadaEV/Rev: 19.0x

    Flag of United StatesEV/EBITDA: 25.4x
    Flag of CanadaEV/EBITDA: 97.3x

    Flag of United StatesEV/Rev: 6.8x
    Flag of CanadaEV/Rev: 13.1x

    Flag of United StatesEV/EBITDA: 17.0x
    Flag of CanadaEV/EBITDA: 53.6x
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    $GTII.CN conversation
    Hedge funds are being forced to unwind their long positions on MSOs. I got lucky and took profits right before and will be looking for better entry points on $GTII $CL $CURA
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    $CTEK conversation
    Just recently added these stocks to my portfolio . . . ready for big gains:
    $CL - Colgate (Oral Healthcare & Dental Products): $75.5
    - Earnings on Oct.29th, just in time to release forward-looking statements for the holiday season including Halloween when their revenue typically spikes higher.
    $CRON - Cronos (Cannabis & CBD) $5.8
    - Vote taking place in November regarding the Federal legalization of Cannabis.
    $CTEK - CynergisTek INC (Cyber Security) $1.79
    - Recent contracts including one with a US based federal credit union
    $DPLS - DarkPulse INC (Laser Technology and AI Systems) $0.085
    - More of a long-term play here, because I truly believe this stock could reach well over $1 in the next year. Riskier than my other stocks, but you've gotta risk it for the biscuit, period.
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    Colgate-Palmolive Company
    $CL ...4% up in price in 5 years .....ummmm
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    $CL conversation
    Upgraded by Credit Suisse Underperform » Neutral USD 70 » USD 80
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    $CCHWF conversation
    Anyone not investing in Columbia Care / Cannabist at $4 per share are doing to miss on a monster. Excellent DD Chart here showing the head over heels footprint of Curaleaf and CCare... Awesome MUST SEE :


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    $CL conversation
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    $GTII.CN conversation
  • j
    Someone is buying a lot of calls in june 16th series especially around 80 strikes
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    $CL conversation
    I wonder if this company is getting ready to merge with another company 2017.
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    Small Cap
    MediPharm Labs Corp.
    $TILT founders gave up 60 million options, good chance next Q will be profitable. Market cap is 50% lower than annual sales! Dirt cheap US MSOs are incredibly undervalued $IAN $OGI $KSHB $VFF $APHA $ACB $TRUL $CURA $HEXO $OH $MMEN $CL $GTII $HARV $CWEB $CGC $hexo #PotStocks
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    $CL conversation
    Declining sales, declining earnings. PE about 40. Peers have PE about 25. Investors hoping for a better tomorrow for CL. Funny... CL should be closer to $50. Going down?