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Deere & Company (DE)

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    $DE conversation
    $DE great stock
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    $VMC conversation
    Bring back what I learned in ECON class....after a downturn typically infrastructure spending increases. I wouldn't expect anything different this year. Add $VMC $MLM $CAT $DE to my watchlist. They will benefit if this becomes reality.
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    $ALTO conversation
    ClearFlame and $ALTO, the future of E98 for diesel trucks, and heavy equipment (without PM filters! and expensive exhaust systems, DEF...) $DE $CAT $PCAR $CMI

    "A startup company developing technology that allows diesel trucks to run on straight renewable fuels such as ethanol announced this week at had successfully completed an on-road demonstration of the technology.

    ClearFlame Engine Technologies said in a news release the demonstration included installing its technology to a Class 8 diesel truck running on a Cummins X15 500hp 15L heavy-duty engine -- commonly used for long-haul truck and off-highway applications -- allowing it to run on E98 ethanol."
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    $GRNH conversation


    $AGCO, $APPH, $DE, $GRNH, $RAVN, $SMG, AGCO, AppHarvest, Cotton, Deere, GreenGro Technologies, Mac Marshall, O.A. Cleveland, Raven Industries, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Soybeans
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    $CYBL conversation
    #De I'm long buddy that's my way to play can go to 00001 as you wish but like good investor I know the limit of my lost. So the question is when you get out and how much you lost? because is no way you get some gains. Looser 🤣 I'm green and doesn't bother me at all how low this baby can go
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    Ash Wolter
    $PLUG conversation
    There is a slide from Sanjay Shrestha saying “Push to Eliminate Diesel!!!

    Stationary Backup TAM increased to $37 Billion!!!

    Microsoft dragging their feet on Stationary???

    Power is on the Planet for the “PUSH TO ELIMINATE DIESEL!!!”

    What are you waiting for Bill of




    Add up the market caps for all the Buggy Whip diesel on the planet and REPLACE THAT WITH GREEN HYDROGEN PLUG POWER
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    $DE conversation
    Got another example yesterday of corruption in our government, when the Wall Street Journal reported that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee donated nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe--the wife of an FBI official who helped oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state,

    It just goes on and on with the corruption in this election. Sadly today, being politically correct "trumps" corruption, fraud and lying with many, especially for those under 40.

    Here's another example of the hypocrisy of the Press, the Neoliberals and the Democrats. Bubba Clinton stating in 1996 that Americans are rightfully disturbed by the illegal number of Aliens. Why hasn't the Press called this out?

    FYI, the reason Hillary wants open borders is that aliens typically vote Democratic.

    Bill Clinton Said this in 1996. Trump says it in 2016
    Bill Clinton said this in 1995 and got a STANDING OVATION. Trump says it in 2016 and he is a "racist"?
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    Costco Wholesale Corporation
    $de best stock right now
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    $IPI conversation
    ..these stocks do not move on earning.. its all geopolitical stuff...
    there is a guy below fretting about PE - come on guys.. you are seasoned players in this...

    sell all when the war is over for long term folks...
    ..traders will have a choppy ride..
    i am thinking moving to $DE
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    $CAT conversation
    $CAT $DE

    Commodities sold off sharply shouldn't that help commodity users like CAT, DE to help reduce their input cost?
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    $DE conversation
    DE Deere & Co Annual Report and Company Outlook – Markets Wired
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    $NBEV conversation
    Sorry Fellow, I missed that 4% drop you mentioned. In @ 1.835 for a short long. I wish I would of grabbed the 1.9. Ma's basement has weak wifi at times....Haha actually I was watching $DWT $TSLA, $BIG, and $DE. I grabbed some $NBEV because the article they posted was actually enough to make people buy in for now. I just hitched a ride to see what happens. May sell pr market. this stock is no good to hold off of news lol. Thanks for asking!
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    Topping is a process no ultimate $qqq bottom until apple hits 99 and $msft is a 12-15 pe again. Until $tsla is back to 100 which is really 400 presplit. Ev company or two like $ride will have to go bk too. All of this and spiking treasuries and a hate for tech will be in place. This could take months or years and eventually same thing happensnto the $dia as tons of overvalued cyclical stocks like $dis $de $cat are this high only due to money printing. Much better deals away from big caps IMO who can flip the bird to indices
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    $DE conversation
    #DE Technical looks good according to 9trading. Looking for breakout at 159.35 with a short term target of 190.64.
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    $CYBL conversation
    #De Oof. I thought you will move get the heck out of here 🤡🤡🤡🤣💵💵
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    $DE conversation
    #DE has been showing support at 138.47 and resistance at 148.75. Buy rating: 5.5, Target: 185.22, according to 9trading.
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    $FRTA conversation
    Nov 20th: “We’ll be submitting plans on infrastructure … soon after taxes,” Trump said Monday at the White House.

    $1 Trillion Dollars Infrastructure Plan, which will be a huge win for FRTA the #1 United States water, drainage, products company based on Volume; FRTA heading back to its May 2017, $20 plus stock price? Also, $DE huge quarter this week, w/ construction spending increasing, and coupled with the $CAT recent guide, hint for FRTA...

    $RAD watching, will $AMZN step-up to the plate... if so, RAD could double from here...

    $GE if the turnaround story comes to play, GE could double within 3 years...
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    $DE conversation
    I am sorry to interject politics on this board, but if you don't like stock manipulation and fraud like we have seen for years in the market then thick twice about voting for Hillary.

    Hillary has the same hedge fund and Wall Street friends that her husband has including George Soros who has contributed big $$$ to her campaign.

    Bill Clinton signed off on three pieces of legislation for his Wall Street and bank friends that drove the country into recession and crashed the market. NAFTA turned trade surpluses with Mexico into a $60 BILLION deficit last year and drove jobs out of the US.

    The repeal of Glass-Steagall lead to banks too-big to fail.

    Little known, but Clinton signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which exempted the credit default market from regulation, which drove the crash of the housing market. Bill signed the bill, which was against the advice of Clinton's chairperson of the commodity futures trading commission, Brooksley Born. However, the hedge funds pushed for the legislation.

    The corrupt press is too busy worried about Trump's taxes to tell you the real truth about these laws and how they drove the country into the great recession of 2009.

    The old saying is that the people get the government they deserve.
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    $DE conversation
    I started a position in DE today after the downgrade. I'm happy to get in a great company such as Deere at $77.60. I think 2017 will be a much brighter year for this company. Stock should start to turnaround and head toward $85 by end of year. Worst is behind them now.
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    $DE conversation
    Target Raised by BMO Capital Markets Outperform USD 300 » USD 400