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Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ)

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    $STZ conversation
    Target Raised by JPMorgan Chase Reduce » Overweight USD 218 » USD 248
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    $STZ conversation
    Maintains Citigroup Neutral USD 209 » USD 220
    Maintains Morgan Stanley Overweight USD 203 » USD 240
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    $ACRGF conversation
    Here’s something that blows my mind. $CGC paid $300 million, 6 months ago for the option to buy $ACRGF. Now the entire market cap is $500 million which includes 80 million of cash. Crazy huh!
    Via $ACRGF I’m hopefully buying shares that will convert to shares of the combined companies for about 75 percent less than $STZ. I hope in the long run we all make money. GLTA
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    I’ve been trading for 20 years+
    $CGC, led by BRUCE, Seems to Have a trading pattern. Also remember, that right before the $4 billion $STZ deal, The stock went down. Then the next day I was up over 30%.
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    IMO, I think $STZ will explain in detail it’s $4Billion cash investment structure with $CGC , in a very positive fashion and hopefully allude to the potential profit impact it expects from $CGC. And it’s plans for 50% control.
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    $TGODF conversation
    Anyone remember PRE $CGC before $STZ made their FIRST investment ????

    And the second ??? And the third ????

    Anyone holding $CRON before $MO stepped in ????

    The SAME will be said here......PRE Diageo or Pre Mondelez and POST ...... $$$$$$$$

    The PARTNERSHIPS are being worked out and those trying to HOLD out or “”””catch the BOTTOM””” might wake up tomorrow or Wednesday or next week at $4 on NEWS

    It’s gonna HAPPEN.......just when ???

    Constellation and Phillip Morris know more than you or I.........

    Brian Atheide has organized 200 years of experience in Consumer Products Group.....

    Some of you will doubt....... some of you will double your investment and move on.........and SOME will follow this journey to 2025.......

    You decide.......I’ll be THAT guy in the front row of the theatre
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    Also, it appears as if based on this trading pattern that $CGC’s shares are trading in avg volume and staying around $50.
    Obviously there’s a reason.

    For some reasons, I see a merger.

    $STZ’s global networks and expertise can definitively parallel well with $CGC, in terms of establishing timely, instantaneous distribution, once the legalization begins.

    Furthermore, TODAY, $STZ, ALREADY quantified a nearly $700Million unrealized gain from $CGC.
    And $STZ RAISED ITS GUIDANCE going forward.

    NOT BAD!

    Considering some say it’s just a “farm stock”
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    $CGC hasn’t really posted any exciting news, in the past month or 2.

    It seems that CGC’s Bruce, likes to keep the hype down on this stock.
    Just factual deals and a few vaguely-stated positive comments about $CGC.

    Interesting is today’s spike.
    Reminiscent of the Summer trading just before the $STZ 4 Billion investment.
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    As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again.
    I try to get into overhype or under hype of stocks. No 1 has a crystal ball.
    I’ve see this stock and many other over the years I’ve been investing....
    And as I recollect, just after buying $CGC, during May/June, and then I was at a loss after the initial purchase .
    And it went down 5-7 PTS, and the very next day it went up due to the $STZ investment.
    I’m long $CGC
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    Stock Trends
    $CGC conversation
    CGC's deal with $STZ is what sets them apart from the rest. Once the cannabis beverage market goes legal I wouldn't be surprised if STZ takes control https://theinvestingnerd.tumblr.com/post/183937977563/todays-trending-cannabis-stocks
    Today’s Trending Cannabis Stocks https://stockwatchers.finance.blog/2019/04/04/todays-trending-cannabis-stocks/
    Today’s Trending Cannabis Stocks https://stockwatchers.finance.blog/2019/04/04/todays-trending-cannabis-stocks/
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    Also deals from the like of $STZ Potential deals from Coca-Cola, are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact It’s just the top of the proverbial iceberg...
    A range of sectors from, biotech, pharmaceutical, pet companies, health and beauty, clothing, and etc., Could potential he already have deals in place. For example, the $STZ deal was Only especially mentioned for its completion just recently. Yet negotiations have been going back to FALL 2017!
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    $STZ conversation
    Young investor. Can't decide between Diageo and Constellation. $STZ $DEO
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    Matt H
    Canopy Growth Corporation
    Fantastic article, lots of good info in there👍

    Canopy Growth is well-poised to take advantage of legalization, with an estimated 36% market share in committed sales already. At current prices that would be ≈$600,000,000 in annual sales.


    The global cannabis industry will be worth upwards of $30 billion in the coming years. Canada will be uniquely-well positioned to lead the globe in cannabis production, distribution and research due to the country's relatively large market and favorable regulatory/legal environment. In Canada, and around the globe, Canopy Growth will be the undisputed market leader. The company already has a commanding market share in the Canadian market, and sufficient expertise, funding and operational capabilities to achieve the same all around the globe. Investors looking to enter the marijuana market should consider investing in Canopy Growth.

    Canopy Growth: Undervalued Canadian Cannabis King https://seekingalpha.com/article/4200740?source=ansh $CGC, $STZ
    Canopy Growth is Canada's largest medical marijuana producer. Constellation Brands, one of the largest beer suppliers in the world, is investing $5 billion in C
    Canopy Growth is Canada's largest medical marijuana producer. Constellation Brands, one of the largest beer suppliers in the world, is investing $5 billion in C
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    $CGC conversation
    Regarding the CEO's appearance on CNBC tomorrow - I would rather he just lay low right now. $CGC already has the Beverage giant investment with $STZ . Maybe lay low until at least the legalization date in Canada in October. I do think Bruce Linton is well spoken and measured in his comments, but sometimes no press is good press especially when you have the likes of $TLRY feeding the "over-inflated, over-valued" narrative the financial media is so eager run with lately. Smart people know CGC is the only legitimate player in this space right now and the best long-term play.
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    $CRON conversation
    $STZ reports next Friday and $TLRY looks strong with more shops growing in America and New York next market to expand in. Having California shops this Friday can be a big day.
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    IMO, from “DD”, reading -lol- and accompanied with Analysts comments it appears that
    $CGC will DOMINATE!

    The trading “behavior’ of $CGC is engaging and dynamic...not wild.
    But with the $4 Billion, investment from CONSTELLATION, executed , with some warrants (derivatives, option to buy) , pricing it some shares at $56-BACK IN SEPT 2017-
    Also, the details of the investment from $STZ are exciting. According to the article, $STZ , RAISED it to $4BILLION in the summer- towards the end of finalizing the investment.

    Very interesting. Goldman Sachs, put the deal together.
    $CGC’s Bruce, along with their own professional analysts, planned and executed this company perfectly.
    Worked with Goldman Sachs- A PRESTIGIOUS Company along with amazing analysts .
    $CGC was listed on NYC - “BIG BOARD” as the FIRST Cannabis Stock on the NYC

    IMO, Something has been seen in $CGC
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    TLRY vs CGC
    SOME ?’s have been about the different price metrics or “ Why is $TLRY up more than $CGC ?
    Simple, public data-
    $TLRY Only has roughly 93M SHS
    $CGC HAS 203M SHS
    THE MORE SHS, the more $$ needed to move
    The price
    PSYCHOLOGICAL Investment into TLRY B/C
    1. ITS ‘presented’ as an American Stock
    -even though, just like $CGC, it’s looking
    forward for OCT 17Th, 2018
    -$CGC HAS The Upper Hand over $TLRY
    $CGC’s planned distribution channels,
    supply increase and cost decrease thru
    acquisitions and timely execution.
    2. IT Actually had recent earnings beat - BLACK & WHITE- even though its was a beat due to a
    lesser than expected loss.
    But, still $TLRY has numbers for the public to see.
    3. $CGC
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    I really try NOT to reply in overhyped/ or bashing Posts...
    “CGC is currently being shared are being DILUTED...and the essential sideways trading is representative of that”
    “GET READY FOR $CGC share price to be at 30-40”

    I have NO PROBLEMS with traders betting against a stock or even $CGC!

    I highly doubt $STZ, would watch it’s $4BILLION investment, with a majority of its investment, entail warrants (a type of derivative) that can be executed at or above $55/56 USD.

    $STZ’s most recent Qtr, blew away estimates...
    And cited a nearly $690Million ‘unrealized gain already from 1 leg of its initial investment in $CGC.

    ALSO, it’s been stated by several analysts that $CGC is in the TOP 3 POT STOCKS!

    IMO, $STZ wanted to and essentially has early entry point, into this sector with its involvement with $CGC, which has also been stated to be the #1 global player.

    It appears those who were more analytical of $CGC’s trading pattern, saw $CGC finding it next support level for its next move to the upside!

    Over this past low volume/ Holiday weekend ( Columbus Day & CANADA’s Thanksgiving) , $CGC held tightly, and now appears to be moving forward.
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    $STZ conversation
    This professional portfolio manager LOVES the $CGC and $STZ merger plan:
    Peter H. Havens, Chairman, founded Baldwin Management, LLC in 1999 after being a member of the board of directors and Executive Vice President of The Bryn Mawr Trust Company. Previously, he organized and operated the family office of Kewanee Enterpri
    Peter H. Havens, Chairman, founded Baldwin Management, LLC in 1999 after being a member of the board of directors and Executive Vice President of The Bryn Mawr Trust Company. Previously, he organized and operated the family office of Kewanee Enterpri
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    $CGC conversation
    $STZ ensures air tight corporate governance, oversight & global supply chain management efficiency for $CGC that no one can match.