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Camilo and Evaluna Montaner Achieve Another Milestone Together in Anticipation of Baby Indigo's Arrival

·1  min de lectura

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry are continuing the nesting process as they await the arrival of their first child, Índigo.

On Sunday, the couple shared several photos on Instagram of what they've admitted is their first couch together.

"We have a couch. Our first couch 🛋," they added, along with pictures where the lovebirds are enjoying the comforts of their plush beige sectional.

Fans and friends including Wisin and Evaluna's father Ricardo Montaner took to the comments to celebrate the arrival of the couple's new piece of furniture, and shared their experiences when buying their own sofas.

"You never forget your first couch" one fan wrote. "Starting to fill up your nest," wrote another.

"Thank you for sharing even the smallest detail with us. For letting us be a part of your life and your home. We love you," a third fan said.

Fans also commented on Evaluna's bloody knee, which can be seen in one of the pictures where the couple is lounging on the couch.

"I fell today and Camilo is helping me," the En la Sala with Evaluna host wrote in a video where her husband can be seen tending to her scraped knee.

Dominican songstress Natti Natasha was among the many celebrities that responded to the pregnant singer's accident with good wishes.

"I hope you get better soon. Take care of yourself," she wrote.

During the final stages of her pregnancy, Montaner is taking time to rest, nest and cherish these moments of contemplation before the arrival of her bundle of joy.

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